Yolo coffee co.

From the quiet enjoyment of a good book to catching a memorable wave in a remote,
undiscovered part of the world, any of life’s great journeys can begin with the simple pleasure
of a great cup of coffee.

What we stand for

Grown on sun-kissed mountain faces around the globe, YOLO® Coffee beans begin their rich and
captivating journey from crop to cup. Local coffee trees produce ripe cherries that are gathered
for their flavorful seeds once a year, but in different seasons all over the world.

All of our blends are ethically sourced and certified organic. What does this mean? It means that
the farming partnerships engaged in harvesting our beans are based on mutual respect and seek
the highest standards of equity to support local producers, while also creating sustainable farming
practices. And free from chemicals, throughout its production cycle, each plant is painstakingly
germinated and grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides or herbicides.

Our process

The raw, unrefined beans are washed and bagged before their journey to begin a roasting process
designed with great expertise to draw out and release all the flavor and sublime potential encased
in each bean. Every batch of YOLO® Coffee is prepared by hand and made to order. Longer
roasting times and the great care put into every undertaking and task allow our artisan roasters to
pull out the desired flavor profile for each blend and supply our supremely fresh and ready to
grind YOLO® Coffee.

What people are saying

"Thank you Yolo Coffee! The sup blend is perfection in a
mug. After the first heavenly sip I knew I had found the
new start to my day. I've been enjoying it daily ever since."

Kathleen Perry

The everyday gourmet