Yolo Bike - Bolt


The YOLO Electric difference is where high style meets maximum performance.  With all of the same fun, fitness and empowerment of riding a bike, the extra pedal-powered boost generated by the assistance of an electric motor allow riders to bike farther, climb higher and enjoy longer.  You'll be able to explore places you never thought you'd see, boldly navigate the great outdoors, keep pace with other riders on challenging routes, or even trek down the beach.

YOLO Bolt eBike 4" Fat Tire, 500 Watt Rear Hub Electric Motor



as low as $80.50 a month

Orange YOLO Bolt eBike 4" Fat Tire, Electric Motor
Blue YOLO Bolt eBike 4" Fat Tire, Beach Biking
Black YOLO Bolt 4" Fat Tire, 500 Watt Electric
Orange YOLO Bolt eBike 4" Fat Tire, Electric Mountainbike
YOLO Bolt 4" Fat Tire, 500 Watt Rear Hub Electric ebike Forrest Bike
2018 YOLO Bolt eBike Fat Tire
2018 YOLO Bolt eBike 4" Fat Electric

YOLO® has become a time-tested, industry leader in delivering the highest quality products and services to transport our Tribe members to their next adventure...and adventure awaits with the new YOLO Bolt, We've applied the same manufacturing expertise and premium craftsmanship we're famous for with paddleboards and other gear in designing this powerful, rugged and striking fat-tire electric bike.

YOLO Electric sources our components from the leading suppliers in the bicycle industry, making our bikes durable, reliable, and easy to maintain. Since the majority of the components we use are common in the industry, any reputable bike mechanic should be able to service our bike without issue.


We are excited to add the YOLO Bolt to our family of YOLO Bikes.  We also make an exceptional single speed, beach cruiser with 3" fat tires, rust buster components package, and double-walled rims that looks so good it turns heads!
COMING SOON: Electric-assist cruisers are in production and will be rolling Summer 2018.


We build all our bikes from the ground up and we expect the finished product to transport us exceptionally well.

• A bike should be fun to ride!
• A bike should look good and turn heads!
• A bike should be easy to care for!

• They roll over almost everything!
• There is an added shock absorption advantage!
• Grip and stability in loose terrain!

It is dependant on a variety of conditions like temperature, elevation changes, and the rider's performance, but from 25 to 75 miles can be enjoyed in most every case.

They can.  We highly recommend thorough cleaning immediately after riding any bike near salt water.

We also encourage respect of all local rules and regulations, as well as conservation of environmentally sensitive areas.


Watch Video: Unbox and Assemble the YOLO Bolt
Watch Video: Operating the LCD Screen Controls
PDF: Owner's Manual
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