Ambassador: ALDEN EASTER "ACE"

Ambassador: ALDEN EASTER "ACE"

Welcome to our newest ambassador!

Born in Austin, Texas, it didn't take long for Alden to realize saltwater ran in her blood after moving to Seaside, Florida with her family and dogs. Always looking for ways to spend time on the water after moving to the beach, she quickly found paddle boarding as a way to spend hours on the waves and also get in a good workout. Alden paddles for the love of the sport and the water, one of the reasons she loves being a part of the YOLO tribe. 
Alden is currently wrapping up her final year at the University of Mississippi, after which she'll be returning to the beach. She's looking forward to getting back on the water to share the SUP community and YOLO experience with as many people as she can!

Home Town

Austin, TX
Now living in Seaside, FL


11' YOLO Inflatable Serenity
12' YOLO Inflatable Sea Teak

Favorite place to paddle

South Walton, FL

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How did you first become involved with SUP

I learned to SUP when I was 13 and have loved the workout, adventure and freedom ever since.

What are you most looking forward to as part of the YOLO team?

being on the water whenever possible and being in the know of what is going on with the YOLO tribe all the time.  I also am excited about being more involved with all the local happenings and events that bring people together.

What’s your motto in life?

FINISH COLLEGE.   Actually, it's really "LIfe's a beach, enjoy the waves!" or the song Walking on Sunshine.

What is most important to you?

Family and Friends. My brother Will Easter is my photographer and close friend. We both love paddle boarding and mountain biking.  Also big fans of surfing and longboarding.

How would you describe an ideal day?

Waking up to 80 degree weather and a cloudless sky. Getting avocado toast and iced coffee from Blackbear (grayton Beach), then heading to the beach for an entire day.  Maybe a cold beverage at sunset!

What indulgence makes you happy?

DESSERT. with Chocolate.  Maybe a warm, fresh chocolate chip cookie.  Or for variety, Blue Mountain Creameries cappuccino crunch ice cream.  The. Best EVER.