Men's Selecta 3 Speed Cruiser - Black


• 3 Speed
• 17.5" Lightweight Alloy Frame
• 3" Knobby Off-Road Tire
• Shimano Components
• Performance Saddle & Handlebars

Regular Price: $589.00

Special Price $425.00



YOLO Bike Selecta Dirt Edition - Similar build as the original Selecta but engineered for the road less traveled. Whether you’re headed to the beach or taking the long way home, the beefy oversized 3” mountain tires provide traction & control to guide you through the less blazed trails in your neck of the woods. You Only Live Once - Enjoy the Ride!

  • 3 Speed Beach Cruiser
  • 17.5" Lightweight Alloy Frame
  • 3" Knobby Off-Road Tire
  • Coaster Break



What makes YOLO bikes different than other brands?

YOLO Bikes are thoughtfully crafted with ergonomic efficiency in mind and unlike most cruisers they are built with industry leading, lightweight components usually found on performance bikes. The result is an aesthetically pleasing product that can stand up to the rigors of the road like no other.

What’s with the BIG tires?

The fatter tires allow for heightened control and a smoother riding experience. With a wider tire also comes the ability to power through various terrains with ease, however the 3” tires are not designed for soft sand beach riding.

What is the difference between the SELeCTA, ULTRA, Classic, and Dirt?

The SELeCTA is a 3-speed model that incorporates a coaster braking system. The ULTRA is also a 3-speed model but has upgraded disc brakes. The Classic is a single speed cruiser with coaster brakes. The Dirt version of our bikes signifies knobby tires.