YOLO Kacie in VA race

Hey there. Great race in VA Beach yesterday. Beautiful day.... and as always, thankful to spend it paddling.

I had a good race. Kept 5.1-5.5 mph speeds most of the way. Second place... Anne Gassett got me again... I think I can match her, or pass her, on the speed (particularly in flat water). She smokes me though on the start and the turns... and I need more practice on bumpy waters. I was within a couple board lengths of her at mile 2.5/3 and then busted on a wave ... lost probably a minute regrouping. I started catching her towards the finish but couldn't make up enough time.

I need to make my way back down to Santa Rosa or St. Pete to spend a day with you guys working on technique.

It was a ton of fun... I love being on a fast board... and as Brody suggested, I smiled throughout.

Thanks for all you do. YOLO. Kacie