YOLO goes to Maine !

Hello YOLO friends --Just experienced some extraordinary paddles off the coast of Maine. I drove up with my dog and my YOLO board and paddled throughout the islands of Casco Bay... it was calm and beautiful... the water was cool (65ish), deep deep green, clear, clean and stunningly beautiful. I paddled 10+ miles across 100+ ft. deep channels (first time in really big water like that and it was crazy!), around rocky points with crashing waves, through a maze of sailboats, lobster boats, lobster buoys, floating docks stacked with lobster pots, seagulls, seaweed... and a nice breeze. Definitely one of those moments in life when "just being" is the best place in the world to be.

I am thankful to be part of the YOLO family and I thank each of you for your part in welcoming me.