YOLO Dog Tale


I thought you guys would enjoy this picture of my dog Daisy riding on the board. Here's the story behind it - My oldest kid is almost three. She loves to swim, and a couple of weeks ago we were at our family's cabins up in the North Georgia mountains. We have two docks, about a quarter of a mile apart, and if they have the generators running at the dam, there is a little bit of current at our end of the lake. It works out well, because my daughter can put a life jacket on and "swim" between the two docks with an adult just kind of treading water and floating along beside her. So, she was swimming with a friend of ours, and our black lab, Daisy, was really concerned. So much so that anytime one of the three kids who were with us would get in the water, Daisy would swim out there, grab the strap on their life jacket and try and tow them into the shore. It didn't matter if you told her it was okay, she thought they were in trouble and would go try to rescue them. I didn't want her swimming after them for a quarter of a mile over and over again without her life jacket, so I finally let her get up on the board and just ride along beside them.

Ever since then, anytime I get on the board, she runs out to ride with me whether there is someone swimming or not. She sits there just as happy as can be. YOLO Daisy!