YOLO adventures of Dancing Bear

Well Galveston was a bust. No Tanker waves and a bunch of bug bites. Left early this morning and ended up in Guadeloupe State Park (Beautiful). Paddled about 1/2 mile up river and drifted back. It was very peaceful. Guadelupe is about an hour north of San Antonio in the hilly country. It's a emerald green river flowing through bald cypress lined banks and some really cool rock formations. Ran into Eric from www.diefische.wordpress.com , he was down from Austin doing some fishing and stopped me before I left. He had seen the YOLO website and wanted to try the YOLO Yak. Check the pics on YOLO's facebook page. If you like any of the YOLO apparel I'm wearing it will soon be available at YOLO Headquarters (new stuff of-course). Thanks Rick and Jeff for all YOLO gear. Ok tomorrow off to Las Cruces and a football game between my old school and our cross town rivals, Go Trojans!!!!!!!!! I'll post again on Friday.
Have a YOLO night!!


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