YOLO adventures of Dancing Bear

Good evening from Eureka, CA got here late, so staying in the luxurious Ocean Grove Lodge at least a 5 star rating in my book. It's the green shag carpet, wood paneling and caved in Queen size bed that did it for me. The best thing was the restaurant, fish tacos with rice and beans are the best ever.
Yesterday was one of the best days on the trip, San Francisco was awesome the Golden Gate and Fort Point National Park. I was at this park for about 2 hours and saw 20 to 30 dogs, a wedding, a fashion shoot, a news broadcast and hula hoop class. There were three other paddlers out on the water, had a conversation with one and he tried out my new Steve Brom YOLO Board. Later that afternoon I made my way to Mount Tamalpais State Park. The one campsite that I wanted was booked for the past seven months but the wonderful ladies at the main park hooked me up. This Campsite was the best by far!!!!!! Cliff side overlooking the Pacific it doesn't get any better then that.
This morning I paddled Tomales Bay and it was smooth and full of wildlife. I chose the YOLO Yak and set it up with the fishing accessories. It was about 3 miles around an island and back, saw all types of birds and sea lions. This place is ruled by kayaks but hopefully I stirred up some excitement on the Yak. Tomales Bay is located Point Reyes National Seashore which is about 40 miles north of San Francisco. Tomales Bay is a 6800 acre estuary located on the central California coast approximately 40 miles northwest of San Francisco.
It is twelve miles long and relatively shallow, occupying the seaward end of a rift valley created by the San Andreas fault. This fault lies underneath the bay and below Highway I, which parallels the east side of the bay.
After the paddle, I drove up through the Redwoods and plan on paddle Big Lagoon located in the National Park tomorrow.
This trip sure has open my eyes to the wonders of this planet and I will always try to find new places to paddle.
YOLO everyone.