YOLO adventures of Dancing Bear

Sorry it has taken so long to update this blog everyone, but a lot of driving and dancing bear needs sleep. Ok here we go, Sunday I left New Mexico went through Arizona, drove to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and hiked the rim and took a lot of pics. That is a true wonder, the Canyon is awesome. If you haven't been to the Grand Canyon you need to do so.
Later in the day I drove to Lake Powell and set camp for the night. Setting up camp in the dark is not fun, but the morning is so worth it. Sunrise over Lake Powell is truly beautiful. It sure was cold this morning on the lake and I was not looking forward to freezing out there. So I dressed the part and set off across the lake in wetsuit top, booties and a beanie. By the time I made across I was on fire and the rest of the way I was topless!!!!!! Sorry for that image that just went through your head. Lake Powell is a sure beauty, please google it and see for yourself.
After Lake Powell, Lake Mead is next and that is were I'm blogging you from tonight. The drive from Powell to Mead is totally breathtaking. You drive through Arizona, Utah , Arizona again and then Nevada. To get to Lake Mead (Callville Bay) you must drive this long, curvy, narrow, steep inclines, steep declines, unpaved roads, bumpy roads and totally dark roads. Good news is no one else was on the road and I could drive slowly.
Well please enjoy the pics and tomorrow night I will blog and post pics from Lake Mead. There is video but I'm waiting until I get enough and to combine and make into one.
Take care and remember You Only Live Once!!!!!! YOLO!!!