This Bike is Not Your Mama's Beach Cruiser

This Bike is Not Your Mama's Beach Cruiser

YOLO Bike Fat Tire Cruiser


Beginning in Florida as a Stand Up Paddleboard or SUP company, YOLO Board has expanded into beach cruisers, aligning the true vision of united freedom as they cultivate a tribe of friends devoted to a healthy, happy life filled with adventure. Each YOLO Board product is meant to improve quality of life and draw people together. The newest addition to the YOLO Board family is the beach cruiser. Each beach cruiser bicycle is a custom YOLO design; each a unique part of the YOLO Board line up.


Schwinn first introduced this single-speed bicycle, affordable form of transportation during the great depression. Bikes were a luxury for sport, too expensive and impractical for the average American.  The first prototypes with hefty steel frames and sturdy, wide, balloon tires allowed the cruiser to sustain more wear-and-tear than other bike competitors. Americans soon adopted them as an affordable and preferred way to get around. Eventually becoming synonymous with coastal life- most popular amongst surfers and beach-bums. Schwinn created the Beach Cruiser for a weary, broken America to reassure them that life could still be a trip to the beach.

Today, we are all too familiar with the chaos of transportation- the traffic, tickets, crashes, crowded subways, that strange-smelling person next to you on the bus. Though developed in another time, the beach cruiser is still a modern mode of transportation, maybe even more relevant than before. Cruiser life is freedom from the neoteric-congestion- the menagerie of droning, honking, and screeching. Most of the time a beach cruiser isn’t actually used on the beach. The “beach”  in beach-cruiser stands for the idea of a laid-back sunny day by the ocean, in a simpler time. So, on a Friday night, rather than crowding in a cab, or fighting for parking, cruise to the pub with your friends. A beach cruiser gets you there in safety and in style. See which YOLO cruiser fits you and your lifestyle.

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