SUP Yoga - The perfect balance

SUP Yoga - The perfect balance


SUP and yoga have a lot in common. SUP outwardly resembles a sport, and it is for plenty of riders. Advocates for both however, will tell you yoga and SUP are part of a greater lifestyle, and that learning either is a very adaptive and personal experience. They’re both low-impact; they both have the ability to make you feel like an Olympian no matter your level of experience, and combined they’re just a lot of fun.

It’s no coincidence then, that the growing popularity of both over the last decade has sparked a lifestyle crossover, and now, a full-blown lovechild – SUP Yoga, which takes the best of SUP and meets yoga on the water for a mind/body experience unlike any you’ve ever tried.

SUP Yoga

Chances are you’ve tried one or the other - you may even consider yourself a bit of a hotshot at one, but make no mistake here; this will challenge your confidence. It’s not that it’s hard; the worst that could happen is that you’ll fall into the water, which, chances are if you’re doing SUP yoga, you’re okay with that – but it’s far from easy. The aerobic aspect of yoga doesn’t change atop a SUP, but you have to step up your balance game.

If the challenge isn’t why you’re interested in this post, then think about this: SUP is a lot like walking on water, which has a biblically empowering effect, and the point of yoga is to achieve balance - mostly psychological, by unifying your body and mind into a rhythm of breathing. Seeing the water below you, the sky above, and the distant horizon is a profoundly calming setting for a practice that seems ill suited for the indoors. 

For any SUP riders looking to put their skills to the test, you’re in for a treat. And if you’re sick of slipping around in a yoga room next to that creepy sweaty guy who takes the whole thing a little too seriously, your yoga needs a SUP injection. Best part – no panpipe relaxation music, just the water lapping at the edge of your paddle board.

You Only Live Once - Go get it!

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