SUP Worlds Field Report from EJ Johnson-a must read


Hennesssey's / WPA World Championships  11 / 3rd &4th / 2012.

By EJ Johnson

Fortunately I am lucky enough to have the time and will to have qualified for the Worlds, and not to mention the amount of $ it costs to do so, with that said " Big thanks to YOLO Board for their SUPport this past year".

The event was held in one of the worlds most unique places / climates "Baja Sur", I have traveled there quite a bit over my surfing days in the last three decades, having nothing but awesome experiences, some bad some good, but none the less, BAD A$$!

Day one: From our hotel (Royal Solaris-San Jose Del Cabo) we all jumped in this large tour bus, which took us on this washed out road from the recent hurricanes, towards the East Cape and a point called Punta Gorda.Nothing's ever easy in Mexico, and the bus could not go any further, so we had to walk a bit to the race start, where our boards were supposed to be?????



But where are they? Then Jay Wild of (Hobie) yelled out " about 50 yards down the beach at Jeff  (Hobie Sports)Alter's house.

We fin up the boards, and walk to the start line which BTW is another 100 yards up the beach!We were honored to have YOLO Board East Coast's Coach, Gary Wise, running the race starts and finishes. No cheating with the big Aussie Gary at the front lines!We were honored to have YOLO Board East Coast's Coach, Gary Wise, running the race starts and finishes. No cheating with the big Aussie Gary at the front lines!

It was a mass start for the mens and womens elite, followed by the open division. The YOLO team had worked out a drafting plan for the 11.5 mile course, if it was flatwater, but since it turned out to be downhill at 10 knots, it's every man for himself!  We were all pretty close, then Sean P and I grabbed some bumps and took off.  Sean then linked up some more and left G-Paw (me) behind.  But I settled in knowing that only one guy in my age group was ahead of me, and Sean was chasing him down slowly.  I enjoyed the bumps and the scenery with the now 15-knot tail wind and lived in the moment.  YOLO!


I finished in a solid 7th overall mens elite 14 division, and 2nd in 40-49, behind my friend and nemesis, Byron Kurt.

Day 2 - Technical course at Palmillo Beach.
The plan was to complete the diamond-shaped course off the beach, but the wind had increased, with gusts at 25 knots, so Gary Wise and Byron Kurt (WPA) put their heads together and changed it, to help ease some of the pain.


Once again, it was a mass start with a one minute separation between the men and women. We started,in a standing position on the beach, with our boards at our sides

holding the top rail not the handle. As the race started into the headwind I realized I was not as recovered from Saturday, It couldn't have been the 12 plus Tecate cerveza's I drank Saturday in celebration of top 10, being in Mexico, being alive? YOLO

It was a five lap race, with a short self-assisted beach run with your board, which proved tricky in the wind. I never fell in, but was very close to it most of the time. I finally got into a decent groove during the 5th and final lap, and was stoked to finish 2nd in the 40 -49 age class again. No complete results yet, WPA is still waiting on SUP Mexico to send them up.
Long Course 11,5 miles [email protected]
MErnest JOHNSON1:52:1014'740-492
Sean Pangelinan (AKA "Sean P from Guam")
5MSean PANGELINAN1:49:4714'518-293

Justin Cook (AKA C00KIE)

9MJustin COOK1:55:0614'818-295
Matt Wise 
14MMatt WISE1:58:5914'1117u1
Congrats to my team mates for a Solid representation in San Jose Del Cabo!
The award ceremony was overall off the hook, with 5-star cuisine, and bottles of Tequila being passed around the dance floor. Thanks to Mike Downey for getting me back to the hotel, otherwise who knows where I could have ended up that crazy night!  YOLO

We had a killer time staying at a really nice all inclusive resort " Royal Solaris " G00D F00D/ Great BEER/ G00D Service!

A final thanks to Jeff and Mitzi Acher of Yolo Board for your support as a team captain / paddle designer / family member :+)

EJ Johnson