Stand Up Paddleboarding is a life-changing experience

Stand Up Paddleboarding is a life-changing experience

YOLO Board Team Rider and Founder of CrossSUP. Christian Cook

When I first tried stand up paddle boarding I totally got my butt kicked; but I also remember getting the most incredible work out of my life. When I developed CrossSUP training I was trying to improve my own stand up paddle performance, and fill the time between big surf and race competitions. After a 5am surf session, I would hit the gym and try to recreate my experiences. What I think is unique about CrossSUP training is it allows any entry level user to develop their skills in the gym and take it to the swell when it comes (instead of waiting on the right conditions to learn.) It's given me an evolutionary step up in my own performance.

I first met up with the YOLO Board crew at the Cocoa Beach 22-mile paddle. Little did I know that I would join their team a few years later after participating in the Cocoa Beach Paddle Surf Competition. Before I knew it, I was involved in creating and testing custom YOLO Board surf editions in hurricane-sized swells---the kind of shore break that pounds the beach with vibrations. Big waves are rare in Florida, but this training gets me ready for it when it does come. Paddle surfing fuels everything that I do. When I'm in the moment on a wave, it's like a game of high speed chesh, where every physical action is critical to the outcome.

I usually train with different variations and muscle groups 1 to 3 times a day. We're not just doing sprints, training on top of the board, and lifting weights. We're out there in the water, getting better at swimming, practicing in currents, and developing the overall craft.

The one thing that hits home for me about stand up paddleboarding, more so than anything else I've ever seen, is that it takes you away from electricity (phones and computers). When you're out there with your family and your friends, you're bonding around a truly wholesome activity. It's a life changing experience-there's no doubt about it.

Over the years I've created several training videos using my unique techniques for achieving SUP excellence. This video is a full body introduction to CrossSUP. I hope you enjoy it. See you on the water.

Written by YOLO Team Rider Christian Cook