Stand up Paddle Boarding is for Everyone!

Stand up paddle boarding has gone from an almost unknown, to a popular sport, and it’s a combination of surfing and canoeing. By using a stand up paddle board, the paddler can paddle on a flat lake, river and even the ocean (you just need the right board). This is a great sport for the whole family to get involved with, even the kids under their parents supervision.

While it’s true that stand up paddle boarding is good for the whole family, our board designers see to it that there are boards designed specifically women and children. The stand up paddle boards for women and children are lighter, yet just as well made.

There are different types of paddle boards that will perfectly fit the kind of activities that you intend to do with the board, whether you intend to use it for surfing, racing, touring, fishing, or fitness.

These are some of the different types of stand up paddle boards:

Surfing paddle boards- allows the paddlers or surfers to ride high with the waves. This board is specially designed or built for high performance.

Recreational paddle boards- this type of board is great for beginners and advanced users looking to chill out and enjoy the water.

Racing boards- are narrower and longer boards that make it easy for the paddlers to paddle fast. You guessed it! This type of paddle board is designed to move fast.

Fitness/Yoga stand up paddle boards- This type is perfect for a fitness or yoga session. It is a wider board so it’s more stable and can support the paddler who wants to do some workouts or a yoga session on the board.

Fishing paddle boards- go where no boat has ever gone (not really, but you get it) and catch fish in honey holes that the boats can’t reach.

Inflatable boards- great for traveling or going across more rugged rocky waters. Nothing can stop you with this board, except not having air!

Get some water in your life, and join the YOLO tribe!