Shake Up Your SUP Workout

Shake Up Your SUP Workout

shake up SUP workout


Shake Up Your SUP Workout!


If you’re not new to stand up paddle boarding or as we like to call it “YOLO Boarding,” then you know the sport is a phenomenal workout. Even without intentionally making a paddle session a “workout” our bodies are putting forth some major effort. SUP is truly the total workout package. Our bodies must balance using stabilizer muscles that we forgot we had and we have to use our core strength and endurance.  Calories burned are estimated between 350 -1,100 depending on the intensity of your paddle session.  So whether you’re casually paddling, practicing SUP yoga, racing or paddle surfing, you’re burning some major calories and likely not feeling like you’re in the middle of a workout.

Paddle-boarding offers a variety of intensity all on its own but sometimes we just need to shake it up.  One of my favorite classes to teach is Paddle Core Fitness. Created and inspired by Reid Inouye of Stand Up Paddle Magazine.  Paddle Core Fitness is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session designed for all levels of paddlers and fitness levels.  Though our class is held in a group setting this SUP workout can be easily performed on your own in your favorite paddle spot.  A protected area away from boats and strong currents is recommended to ensure safety.


Paddle Core Workout


SUP warm up

10 Minute Warm-up


All training sessions should begin with a low intensity warm up paddle and dynamic movement to prepare your body for the HIIT workout. Don’t jump into a workout without first getting yourself warmed up and loose.

5 minute easy paddle working on stroke technique increasing your heart rate slowly.

3 minutes of dynamic movements such as arm circles, side stretch, air squats

2 minutes of joint motion such as ankle circles, wrist circles, hand flexions, neck stretches side to side and chin to chest.



Interval Training


35 minutes Interval Training


Pick a short sprint distance to paddle. Create a triangle course, down and back or rectangular course.  Make sure the paddle sprint course is about 2-3 minutes long.

Sprints and Plyometrics -Start the interval training with a paddle sprint, rest 30 sec, begin an on board plyometric interval for 30-60 seconds rest 10 seconds.  Repeat rounds 7 times.

Plyometric exercises to incorporate into your SUP HIIT workout include:

Push ups, sit ups, mountain climbers, plank, burpees, plank with a knee curl to opposite elbow, Hip raises (try one leg if you’re really feeling balanced), dolphin dive (a plank variation) squats with paddle extended parallel to the board, Supermans, renegade rows and modified lunges using your paddle for stability.


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Cool Down 10-20 Minutes


Just like the warm up, the cool down is extremely beneficial to reap the benefits of a high intensity workout.  Spend at least 10-15 minutes bringing your heart rate back down, stretching your hip flexors, hamstrings,  shoulders, ankles, wrists and neck.  Don’t forget to get on your foam roller to roll out your thoracic spine, IT band and lats.  Proper cool down routines will help reduce stiffness, lactic acid buildup and injury.

The next time you feel like your paddle routine is in a rut sign up for a Paddle Core Fitness Class or create your own!  YOLO!


Written by YOLO Team Rider -  Jessica D’Aleo 

Visit Jessica at YOLO Board Adventures Sandestin for a variety of SUP Activities.

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