Picking a SUP Performance Paddle by Roch Frey

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Roch Frey: YOLO performance Elite: The Yolo Performance Elite paddle is designed by EJ Johnson. Most paddlers know EJ as much for his palmares as a top SUP racer as they do for his signature tattoos and dreadlocks. Most paddlers do not, however, know of his background as a drummer, carpenter, or artist.  In his younger years, EJ won awards in fine arts and used this experience later in life when he became a master carpenter. It should surprise no one that when it came time to paddle, he put his artistic skills and experience as a carpenter to work and studied the master Hawaiian wood paddle designers including Leleo Kinimaka and Malama. When designing paddles for himself and YOLO, EJ first designs the paddle in wood. The paddles are then scanned and moulds are created to make carbon versions of his wood paddles. The YOLO elite paddler was designed for speed and stability. Unlike many paddles on the market, EJ placed a slightly concave surface on the top (e.g. the non power face) which helps with paddle entry. The position of the dihedral on the power face is also key to the performance of this paddle. With a more distally positioned dihedral, this paddle decreases flutter, improves release, and keeps the paddle moving in a straight line.  The YOLO Performance Elite now comes in three sizes.  Roch paddles the 95 sq in version which weighs 17 oz. For more information about the Yolo Performance Elite Paddle, please visit Yoloboard.com