My SUP experience with Drew Brees and his NFL bro's

My SUP experience with Drew Brees and his NFL bro's

So long story short, Drew Brees, head QB from the New Orleans Saints texted me and said that he and some friends from the NFL wanted a place to do a beach workout in San Diego, and afterwards incorporate paddleboarding.  Do I know a good location?

My response was "Yes!  We have a cool secluded harbor beach located in an upscale neighborhood.  I could provide my services as an instructor, with 8 YOLO Boards from our rental facility Paddle Republic California.

drew-brees-training-on-with-paddleboardsSo now it comes down to me teaching some big names how to paddle for the first insane privilege!  The news camera was rolling and I was equipped with a mic and an NBC GoPro on my head.  The footage came out killer, as seen in this video shown below. Super fun watching fullback Austin Johnson getting the hang of it real quick, doing a burpee on the board and then holding me back from passing him.  All in all, Drew is the man, bringing the NFL to SUP/YOLO and back to San Diego.

Till next time, Cheers from EJ Johnson YOLO Team Captain and Head Paddle Designer 

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