Hacking A Paddleboard Trip - 5 apps for paddleboarders

Hacking A Paddleboard Trip - 5 apps for paddleboarders

Hacking A SUP trip

Discover new spots with Launch Sites

Where can I paddleboard?  That’s always the first question.  Maybe you are out to re-discover your own backyard with a new sense of purpose, or perhaps you are brand new to the sport of standup paddleboarding.  One thing is clear, somewhere along the line you’ll need to find out where you can park the car and put your SUP Board into the water.  Launch Sites is a fantastic app that let’s you search for nearby water access.  It also provides other handy location information and reviews from users so that you know where to park, if a bathroom is near by, and what the site looks like.  This sweet little app is completely free, and has been a long time resource for kayakers, and fishermen, so you’re sure to find a launch site near you.  If you don’t see your favorite paddle spot, guess what, you get to be the first one to add it.  Launch sites is essential for exploring new water access points that might be otherwise difficult to discover.

Launch Sites App

Scope out the conditions with WindAlert

What are the conditions like?  Not just weather, but, tide, wind direction, and swell height. Not only will this play a huge roll in what location you will choose, but it is sometimes the reason to decide to take a trip in the first place.  There are a number of apps for forecasting, so what’s the best way to check conditions?  More importantly how can I get the weather to tell me when my favorite spot is ripe for a paddle.  WindAlert is a handy app that does just that.  You can check water conditions worldwide, view swell height and wind direction, and get alerts when its prime time to paddle at your favorite locations. and view swell height and wind direction.  The best part is that this app is free.

Wind Alerts 

Track your progress with SUP Trotters

Where did you go?  How far did you go?  How long did it take?  While there many apps that allow you to track your path with workout stats like gps mapping, speed, and distance, SUP Trotters is a favorite for stand up paddleboarders.  It’s simple to use, with only two taps of a finger you can start tracking your trip, then easily share it on social networks.  There is a companion website that ties into the app, SUP trotters.com, that functions as a stand alone social network committed to finding and exploring the best places to paddleboard in the world.  While this is still a new and up-and-coming community, the SUP Trotters sleek modern approach and user-friendly experience is sure to be a hit.  Much like Launch Sites you can be the first to christen a location that doesn't exist. 

SUP Trotter App 


Groove in step with TempoRun 

While most of the time I enjoy the sound of nature on a paddleboard trip, if I’m cruising a great distance or want a good workout, music can be a great motivator. TempoRun is an App that organizes your music into different tempos. If you want to paddle the coast at the pace of Jack Johnson, or power hard across the lake to the momentum of Metallica,  this little app has you covered. 

Tempo Run


View and Share With the GoPro App

Thanks to companies like GoPro its easy to photograph almost anything.  The GoPro App allows you to view and control your GoPro Camera right from your phone.  What I like best is the ability to wirelessly browse the photos from your phone after a trip and download your favorites instantly.  It’s kind of a no brainer. The app has several other features that make it noteworthy including the ability to instantly share on social networks.  Not bad for the price of free.   

GoPro App

While the experience of paddleboarding needs no digital enhancements to make it enjoyable, it’s clear to see how these apps could actually help improve or even inspire your next SUP trip. Who knows what the power of crowd-sourced technology has in store for the future of paddling. In the end it’s all about having fun on the water.  After all You Only Live Once. Make it count!

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written by Shane Sauer

shane sauer