Ehiku surfs the Stand Up World Tour!

Ehiku Rademacher recounts her experience in the Stand Up World Tour surf contest:
Here are a few photos from today's contest.  I got to surf two heats and had a great time mixing it up with the other competitors.  I really know what I need to work on for next year:-)  The surf conditions were not ideal but it was big and super fun!!
Ehiku Rademacher
Q&A with Ehiku Rademacher,   YOLO ambassador
Q: Ehiku how did it feel like being out there surfing at the SUP World Tour event at Turtle Bay ?
A: Well, I am not the best SUP surfer yet but I really wanted the chance to surf this amazing spot at Turtle Bay with just Three other girls.  But now I am hooked and I will try to enter as many SUP surf contests as I can.
Q: How long have you been SUP Surfing and what type of boards have you been riding?
A: Well my background is bodyboarding but I started SUP Surfing about six years ago on a twelve foot board (like everybody back then) Then I quickly moved to a ten foot long board type SUP that was well suited for Point Dume in Malibu where I mainly surfed.  In hawaii it is a whole different ballgame. Righ now I ride  the 9'2 Performance YOLO model and a custom YOLO 8'10 shaped by Kevin Seid.  The boards are much smaller then what i was used to riding in CA,  which makes them more difficult to ride. Im excited to try the new YOLO performance surf line out soon! a big thanks to Mitzy and Jeff Archer at YOLO board for making me part of the YOLO family.
Q: How would you describe the conditions out there today?
A: The conditions were difficult with the strong winds and the waves coming at you from all angles so it was really hard to find the right take off spot.  But I still got plenty of waves in my first heat. Other then that I loved that  the waves were BIG, well over head on some sets, so I was able to push myself.
Q:  What are your goals with SUP Surfing?
A:  SUP Surf competitions go hand in hand with SUP Race compitions in Hawaii so I am planning to do more here in Hawaii. The fitness level for SUP Surfing has to be so high that it will make me a better racer as well so I really want to keep mixing the two.  We have the best waves in the world right here on the North Shore of Oahu so its only natural for me to want to SUP surf during the surf season.
Q: :-)  Tell us about your pants!
haha..yes. They are from our line of active wear that my childhood girlfriend and I are making.  we are bringing color into the SUP scene  with these sexy pants ;-)
we are launching this summer, it's very exciting!



wearing our next prototype the Kini Jammers :-)