Destin Real Estate balances on YOLO


Sat. July 5, 2008: The Destin Log:
SANTA ROSA BEACH - The placid waters of Western Lake in WaterColor took on a new perspective for a group of Realtors from Destin Real Estate Company last Saturday morning. Jeff Archer, co-founder of YOLOBOARD, led a private demonstration of the stand up paddle boards for the group.
Realtors Blake Morar, owner of Destin Real Estate Company, and Kelly Hill recently purchased YOLO BOARDS after renting boards from Archer.

"Jeff took me out on a board in the Gulf last year but I was so busy enjoying what I do that I just didn't think I had time to use one regularly," said Morar. "When he reintroduced me to it this spring I fell in love with it. Because I had been out of balance, I found that it was a good way for me to regain that, doing something that really takes into consideration what the area has to offer."

"My husband who is retired is always out on our boat and comes back with stories of nature that I rarely have a chance to see because I feel like all I do is work," said Hill. "Even though I'm an early bird and get to the gym fairly regularly, I miss being outside and on the water. As a Realtor, driving up and down 30A everyday, you see folks enjoying the beauty of this area and if you're not, you can lose your perspective."

A blend of traditional surfing and paddle sports such as canoeing and kayaking, stand up paddling offers a unique way to enjoy time on the water more thoroughly. The versatile boards are especially well suited to enjoying the many bodies of water along the Emerald Coast.

"The experiences I've had in flat water like you'll find in Western Lake and Camp Creek Lake have been especially enjoyable," said Morar. "You're able to explore areas that you're not able to see from a boat, canoe or kayak."

"What I loved about stepping onto the board the first time in the Gulf was that within about 15 minutes, I saw a pod of porpoises about 30 feet away," said Hill. "They'll actually come right up to your board to get a closer look."

"The second time I went out on the board in the Gulf, a manatee swam past me about 20 yards away. Another day, the humpback whales came through and I was hooked. All of this wildlife that I rarely had a chance to see before I was seeing each time I went out."

Both Morar and Hill also enjoy how easy it is to use and enjoy their YOLO BOARDS. Weighing only 28 pounds, it can be walked from the car to the beach with an optional shoulder strap.

"It's something I can do alone," said Hill. "Being able to leave my house with my board at any time, launch from the beach, and paddle around for 30 minutes, an hour or so gives me a great sense of independence. I come home feeling refreshed and energized like I haven't missed out on any fun."

"It's an incredible core workout that sort of has a Zen-like quality to it,"said Morar. "It's so much fun that you hardly realize you're working out. I think about my next paddle every day."