Adventures of Dancing Bear

Our last day in Zancudo was a grueling one if you consider tropical paradise and It started off with another well prepared breakfast. Scrambled eggs with cheese, thick bacon and ham is a great way to fuel your body every morning. Then it's a walk through the tropical grounds of the lodge and down to the boat dock. The tides are crazy here, when we leave in the morning it's high tide and low tide when we get back (there is a video to come). The boat ride out of the lodge is spectacular with mangroves, birds, monkeys and of course crocodiles along the river bank.

The first spot this morning was Pilon and the size was small but even with small waves the rides lasted over an average of 40 seconds. It's amazing how much you can do on a wave that long. The first time out at Pilon we forgot the leashes and learned some valuable lessons. The shore is lined with smooth rocks on top of rocks and it makes for an impressive rock dance. I did the rock dance several times chasing down that YOLO board. This time we had leashes and it was much more enjoyable not having to worry about any more damages.

Sean and his family paddled out to meet us for our morning session and we all had a blast. Sean's wife Natalie paddled the 12ft original and the 10'6 eclipse (I think YOLO just sold another board) she basically caught every wave that came her way. Sean was paddling around with his 4 year old son which was very intrigued by the Luchador paddling around him. Thats right El Encurtido (the pickle) made his way down to Costa Rica. From what I've heard Dancing Bear was out last night at the Disco with El Encurtido and Gue the (French Canadian) and he never came home. Rumor has it that Dancing Bear is in a Costa Rican jail and no one can bail him out. This might be the last of The Adventures of Dancing Bear unless someone can come down and bail him out.

After the Pilon session we cruised over to Povones to catch some waves but by then the wind had picked up to around 20 knts, so it turned into an downwinder. Sean, my self and Alex (our new friend from Spain) set forth on our course to Zancudo by YOLO board. I was paddling an Eco Trainer while Sean and Alex were on 12ft YOLO Originals. Alex made it for about 15 mins, Sean and I paddled for an hour and got in 10 miles according to Tito the boat captain. At first I wasn't sure about this, the wind was kicking and seas were 4 to 5 feet but it was totally worth it, it's all about the adventure, YOLO...You are totally surfing out in the open water by catching runner after runner after runner. My legs got the best workout ever by balancing the board and trying not to fall off.

Special thank you to Gregg, Goldine and the whole staff for making our stay one to remember. Our time at The Zancudo Lodge was truly a wonderful experience and we highly recommend it to everyone!