Adventures of Dancing Bear with YOLO in Costa Rica

Most of day 5 is being spent on the road to The Zancudo Lodge which is about 400 miles from the equator. Traveling along the Pan Am Highway to Gulfito you must exit onto a road that is the only way in and the only way out to Gulfito filled with a surprise at every corner. From there you take another road just like that with a lot more bumps and holes to say the least..It made for a very interesting ride..The country side is spectacular with it's bright green palms and colorful plants growing from this rich volcanic soil and the wildlife with monkeys, macaws, toucans and parrots everywhere you look..After many near death misses (just kidding, Jeff did a great job in getting us there) we finally arrived in Zancudo, were we stop so Chandler could get another picture and I could tighten up the straps that were holding down the boards. During this time Gregg (Managing Partner of the Zancudo Lodge) was on his daily late afternoon jog and just so happened to notice an SUV loaded down with our candy shop array of colored YOLO boards and asked that one question that everyone wants to know "which one of you is Jeff?". Gregg informed us that we were just in time for dinner and hoped we were hungry...Gregg's wife Goldine is a spitfire, this wonderful lady showed us to our rooms and had dinner all ready for us after a long day on the road..

Zancudo is a small remote jungle village, it has about 450 inhabitants and is spread out along black sand beaches. It's mostly a fishing village but with so much more to offer from sport fishing, world class surfing, zip-line canopy tours, Casa Orquideas Botanical Garden ( which we visited and it's amazing) to horseback rainforest beach tours, mangrove kayak rides, wildlife sanctuary tours, yoga, massage therapy and of course stand-up paddling featuring YOLO board. There is nothing like having a boat take you out to some of the world famous surf spots, Pavones to Cabo Matapalo within minutes. These spots are perfect lefts and perfect rights, some of the longest rides you will ever be on…I caught my longest ride ever it had to be over 150 yards long…Gregg of Zancuda Lodge has a routine of paddle boarding for a couple of hours in the morning and then a 5 mile down winder before lunch, then he spends the rest of the day taking care of business Pura Vida Style. Check out the Zancudo Lodge website and book your next adventure here..

We have one more day here at the lodge and then we are headed up to northern county…Hope to get some zip-line canopy tours in and some other cool stuff. Tomorrow is another YOLO session at Pilon, Pavones and Punta Blanca.. These spots are breath taking and sure have some really fun and long waves to be shared by all. The great thing is no one is out here during the week days and you only have to share with your buddies .Tito our boat captain and Wilson our deckhand will take us out on a 36 foot Catamaran boat and anchor just off shore...Wilson had his first lesson on standup surfing and it looks like he will asking Santa Claus for a YOLO board for Christmas. We had a guide, Shawn, that met us at one of the spots. This guy is really cool, he has traveled to a lot of different surf breaks around the world and he very knowledgable in the conditions, tides and breaks around here. By the way he loves the 10'6 YOLO, along with everyone of us that has surfed it…When we are all done it's a quick trip back to the lodge for some lunch and a dip into the pool..I'll have to let you know how every thing turns out in my next update...

Solo Se Vie Una Vez
You Only Live Once
Dancing Bear Out...