A Simple Guide To Storing and Traveling with A Stand Up Paddleboard

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Well you did it! You bought your first board. Congratulations! Whether it’s the 12’ Yolo Original Sea Turtle or the 14’ Orange Crush speed machine, you probably have questions regarding how to store and travel with your new board. These simple tips will help.



  • Whenever possible store your new board indoors.
  • Make sure you have a secure place to store your board and use padding whenever resting it against anything.
  • If it has to be stored outside make sure that it spends a majority of the time in a well shaded area.



  • Rack options vary so it’s best to contact  a knowledgeable dealer to help you decide what’s best for your car or truck.
  • The wider the span of your crossbars, the better.
  • Use cam straps to attach your board to your vehicle. DO NOT over tighten! Strap down both ends of the board. The straps should go over your board, under the crossbar, back over the top and under the opposite crossbar, this will create a U shape.
  • ALWAYS test your board once it’s secured to the vehicle. Your board should not move right to left or forward and back. (many paddlers have missed this important step when they get distracted loading their boards)
  • During your travels make it a habit to always recheck your board every time you stop.


Use these tips when storing and traveling with your new board and remember to ALWAYS have fun, after all, You Only Live Once!

Written by YOLO Team Rider: Westy

westy yolo board team rider

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