A carbon paddle is a good investment

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If you paddle often, if you train, if you race... all of these are reasons to invest in a carbon fiber paddle.

Your shoulders will thank you, your back will thank you, and you will get where you are going faster. The adjustable fiberglass paddles are a great entry level blade, however they are heavier than their carbon counterparts. Our performance elite paddles are only 17oz., which is one of the lightest performance blades on the market. The YOLO fixed carbon paddles are only 20.4oz, which is also incredibly lightweight. Another feature of our EJ Johnson-designed paddle that sets us apart in the market is the double concave bottom which reduces wag--your paddle will stay straight and keep you tracking in the correct direction. A good alternative is an adjustable carbon paddle, that the whole family can use!  Consider making the leap to a carbon paddle--you will never go back!!