5 Reasons to Stand Up Paddle Board in the Cold Temps


Paddle in the cold?
Sure, it's great to take your stand up paddle board out in the nice warm summer water, but why would anyone want to paddle in the winter months? In case, you have a brain freeze just thinking about it... here are Five Reasons to brave the cold this winter:

1. Winter prices If you’re thinking about buying a stand up paddle board, the winter season is the best time to get a good deal, as most businesses offer great incentives during the slower months. Shop Our Boards

2. Great workout If you think you burn a lot of calories paddle boarding when it’s warm, hitting the water when it’s cold is on a whole other level. Just putting on the wetsuit is a workout! Your muscles burn more calories when it’s cold. In addition, being able to handle yourself in extreme weather conditions gives you some serious bragging rights with your friends.

3. Winter Sea Life The ever-changing conditions on the water bring in new types of sea life that you may not have ever seen before; pack some hot cocoa on your paddleboard and take some pics! Share with us on Instagram.

4. Winter Waves Don’t miss out on the surf, just because it’s chilly! In the early months of winter the water can be warmer than the air, as it takes a long time for such a large thermal mass to change in temperature. This way you can really look like a risk-taker when it’s not that cold. 

5. Not a tourist? If you're ready to get away from the onslaught of summer tourism a cold water paddle might be your best bet. If you are a tourist, but you want to look like a local, braving the cold can give you that edge (or the locals might just think you’re crazy.) Either way it’s an opportunity for some peace and quiet.

We hope to see you stand up paddling this winter regardless of the cold. After all, You Only Live Once. See you on the water.