4 reasons to bring a stand up paddleboard on your next adventure

4 reasons to bring a stand up paddleboard on your next adventure

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4 reasons to bring a stand up paddle board on your next adventure

Ten years ago, stand up paddle boarding (SUP) was something you might see on a Pacific vacation. Now, chances are, that if you live near any body of water,  you’ve seen SUP riders in droves, gleefully gliding across the water. Even legendary surfer Laird Hamilton, who’s spent his life on the water, says that paddle boarding reinvigorated his relationship with the ocean, and if you’ve ever done it, you’re probably just reading this to validate your newfound love.

YOLO exists not because of fashion, but because we want to share this tradition – this lifestyle. What attracts people to SUP is not just trend; it’s part of an existence that’s addictive for all the right reasons, and the more popular it becomes, the more we learn about the benefits we felt all along.

Adventure is all about exploration and understanding – whether it’s to do with you, or something outside of yourself. SUP will conquer both. So if you’re planning a vacation, a weekend activity for the family, or a date, these are some reasons we think a paddleboard should be a fixed part of the occasion.



The most distinct and universally shared feeling when you get atop a SUP is that you’re walking on water. Think about the perspective - why sit or lie down on the water? Isn’t it mesmerizing staring down at earth from an airplane? We spend far too much of our lives off our feet and paddle boarding allows you experience and explore what’s below you in all its glory.



Compared to a lot of other water-sports, SUP is wonderfully versatile - a kid can carry most boards under one arm. You can take them down the road; drag them onto a deserted beach, and paddle out into the sunset. You can surf, sit, kneel, or stand. It’s as freeing as surfing, but it’s easier to learn. It’s no wonder paddle boarding and yoga are a great pair, because they’re both most enjoyable when you go at your own pace. If you don’t feel like carrying a board around, Check out YOLO's SUP rental locator, to find a location near you.



The effects water has on our stress levels are innumerable, but even the most idyllic of family vacations aren’t without their distracting squabbles. Spending time on the water is a go-to for vacationers, but add to that a full body workout with a dash of underwater exploration, and your mind and body won’t need to convince you of the rest they’ve earned. One of the biggest skills you’ll gain as a paddle boarder is balance, both psychological and physical.


Whole Body Workout

If you’re an avid adventurer, then you’re all about this. If you’re on vacation, maybe this is something you’re trying to avoid. Paddle boarding can lull you into a blissful trance, or leave you with a day of wobbly legs. Both are good for you, and both are up to you. SUP is recommended for athletes as a form of cross training, and is low-impact, so is also popular for injury rehab.
In other words – you have no excuse! Get out there, get some vitamin D, and take part in a culture that will love you back.
Find your dream board and paddle into the sunset.