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Good evening everyone from Torrance, California, staying the night with uncle Bob and Mary and having a great time. We left Washington Sunday night around 5 p.m. (thats right I said we, I have passengers). Our first stop was Pismo Beach and the surf was supper clean but closing out and only surfers were in the water. Next stop was Santa Barbara and did SUP surfing @ Chase Palm Park. The surf was supper clean and about 2 ft of fun!!!!! One of my passengers and it wasn't Dancing Bear took some awesome pics. It's been awhile since my last post and for a good reason. The weather has been awful here, it has rained every day and all day since I've been in Washington. The only day it didn't rain was the day I took out Nathan Grothe from REI on a YOLO Yak it was 40 degrees and he was impressed with the Yak. Hopefully by this time next year REI will be carrying the YOLO Yak.
Yesterday's journey was mostly on the road, left cold and wet Washington around 5 pm and got to warm and sunny Santa Barbara around 230. Met Tom Reilly a local SUP'er and all around waterman from Santa Barbara. Super nice guy, hooked us up with MONA-VIE health drink and some good surf spots. Found this great little park and paddled around and caught some fun little waves. I could have stayed all night and paddled but had to go and meet UB and Mary for dinner. One thing about our area back home is if you want to paddle it is easy and quick to get to some water. Here, you deal with a ton of traffic everywhere you go.
This morning we left around 8 and will drive straight through to Florida. I don't know if I'll another chance to paddle but if I see something really good I'll stop. Once everything is said done Team YOLO would have traveled over 8,000 miles. This trip, the places I've been, paddled and the people that I have met along the way has been a true blessing. I miss home very much and can't wait to paddle back into a line up with the rest of team YOLO. Thanks to everyone at YOLO, YOLO Board Clothing Company and especially my family. I hope you all have enjoyed this blog, I know I sure have enjoyed sharing my journey's with you.
It is true You Only Live Once, so get out there and enjoy the paddle.