Good evening from Big Sur State Park!!! I'm never going to leave California this place is truly God's country. Paddle Morro Bay this morning as I was pulling in three women were just finishing up and one had said this is the best sport ever and I concurred. The YOLO truck has generated a lot of interest and I have answered many questions.
It was hard saying good bye to Morro Bay but I had to head on, Big Sur was the destination today. It was only 100 miles or so and took all day the PCH is the best road every made "EVER" who would have thought to make a road along cliffs over looking the Pacific Ocean "he is the man or woman". Made many of stops and took tons of pics and finally made it to Big Sur. Tomorrow I will make it to San Francisco.
Tonight I'm doing my laundry and I will have fresh clean clothes from YOLO Board Clothing Company. Rick, the hoodie is perfect in this kind of weather and we need to look into something better than a full wetsuit. If you fall in it's ok but otherwise it's too hot!!!!!! I'm looking forward to the new line for my next trip. YOLO in Europe!!!!!! LOL, my wife would kill me.
YOLO everyone.