Good evening everyone and welcome to Morro Bay, in translation means Rock Rock, according to a local bartender @ Otter Rocks Cafe in Moor Bay (best fish tacos yet). According to locals the women to men ratio is not good, they say "if you lose a girlfriend , you lose a turn". Morro Bay is located about 200 miles south of San Francisco, it's a cool little town that is struggling just like every other town in the US, a lot like Destin.
Yesterday I left Lake Mead after a short paddle around Lake Mead Marina the Dam was about 10 miles plus to paddle to. I really wasn't digging Lake Mead and wanted to beat the cold front that was pushing down. So after a short and chilly paddle I left for Santa Barbara too see Steve Brom. Steve had shaped a custom 11' SUP for me and I couldn't wait to get there. Got to Steve's shop, meet him, his bird and the blue jays that eat peanuts from his mouth and go to see him shaping a new 12' race board for YOLO. Steve is an awesome dude just living the dream.

This morning I left Refuigo State Park after a little paddle trying to catch some waves at a rocky point. Needless to say the waves were very small and breaking too close to the rocks, so I just paddle around on my new 11' custom Steve Brom Board (sweet and it's better then Gary's) and saw Pacific Coast Dolphins and a Sea Loin and lots Kelp. This state park is totally surfing friendly and there was this one family that caught my eye. Mom, dad and two little boys (had to be home schooled) they had it all, their truck was a converted bread truck attached t0 a storage trailer filled with all types of surfboards, sup's, boogie boards and hand made sail boats for the little ones. They were awesome and loving life.
The drive up north sure has been taken a toll on my nerves. I'm not use to driving in the mountains and all those curves, but it sure is beautiful. Hwy 1 and the 101 are totally the way to go up the coast. Tomorrow I plan on paddle Morro Bay out to the rock but the weather has change. There is cold front that pushed through tonight and the winds are supposed to be 10 to 20 out of the northwest. Later tomorrow I will head toward San Francisco and plan on paddle somewhere near the Golden Gate Bridge and the next couple of days.
I have to say thanks to YOLO apparel for all the warn hoodies and sweatshirts they hooked me up with, it sure is coming in handy.

YOLO everyone.
Dancing Bear.