The YOLO Board 2016 lineup has board construction that can’t be beat, but actually they can! The YOLO® Hammerhead and the YOLO® Yak stand alone in the market as the toughest and strongest paddleboards out there.

YOLO® Hammerhead

Lightweight + durable + great price = YOLO® Hammerhead! Finally, the perfect solution for the rental market and for those who are tough on their boards. This is a traditional fiberglass board with EPS foam care wrapped in an ABS Therom-formed plastic. A tough band covers the rail seam and serves as a rail protector to prevent damage from the paddle blade. The technology of this board is a a game-changer in the industry.

YOLO Yak® 

The first ever roto-molded Stand Up Paddleboard, it’s a perfect family board and a favorite of camps, rental and resort businesses due to its indestructible design features and ease of use. The YOLO Yak® is a full adventure board that combines the elements of a paddleboard with the durability of a kayak. Produced in the USA, using the best marine technology available, the YOLO Yak® is made of roto-molded polyethylene (just like your favorite sit-atop kayak) and is the most durable, multi-use stand up paddleboard on the market; even tough enough for outdoor storage. Designed with a recessed deck and catamaran bottom to provide additional stability, the Yak is suitable for a variety of water pursuits including fishing, crabbing or cruising your favorite flatwater spot.

YOLO Yak Jr.

A smaller version of the ever popular YOLOYak®, This board has the same superior stability as the original Yak, with greater maneuverability and a lighter weight.   Roto-molded polyethylene insures excellent durability to withstand all scenarios–kids, rentals, dogs–you name it. As tough as your toughest user!


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