YOLOBoard World

This blog features YOLO Board experiences from all over the world. Please send us your photos and videos so that we can all share in the SUP experience. Send them to info@yoloboard.com.

Happy 18th YOLO Bday

Posted on: 04-22-2013

Mary Ryan celebrated her birthday in Seaside, FL with her gorgeous friends.  YOLO-style! 

Watercolor Fun

Posted on: 04-16-2013

Pat P and family had a great day at YOLO Board Adventures- Watercolor in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.  Thanks for sharing the pic Pat!  If you are in town, call 850-419-6188 to reserve your board!

Costa Rica SUP’ers

Posted on: 04-02-2013

Great shot of Costa Rica SUP’ers!  Love that smile!  Thanks for sending in Joice!

Ready to roll on the Isle of Capri!

Posted on: 03-28-2013

Steve has his sweet ride loaded down!  YOLO!

Seal the deal.

Posted on: 03-25-2013

Mr. Seal decided to go out for a paddle in California!  Every creature loves to SUP!

San Diego evening paddle

Posted on: 03-18-2013

Beautiful shot of the San Diego skyline.  Thanks for sending Dustin!

Kari is looking like a pro

Posted on: 03-04-2013

Kari is too cute on her board.  Thanks for sending Kari!

Sunset YOLO

Posted on: 02-26-2013

Great shot.  Thanks for sending in Kenny R!

One of our fav shots from the Vista Guapa YOLO SUP camp

Posted on: 02-19-2013

Marko Salvetti and Alvaro Solano hosted the Vista Guapa YOLO Board Ocean Fit Experience in Costa Rica, and this was one of our favorite shots.  Stay tuned for the next camp!

Happy Birthday Hank!!

Posted on: 02-11-2013