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YOLO Board Wins Perfect in South Walton Awards

Posted on: 10-16-2015

2016 Perfect in South Walton Awards

It was an honor to be a part oif Visit South Walton’s award ceremony “Perfect in South Walton 2016″ on Wednesday evening. The ceremony consisted of multiple categories for local businesses to shine in South Walton and we feel very fortunate to have had our name in the running. The awards were given after being voted on by local businesses as well as residents. YOLO Board was awarded:

Best Local Retail Brand – Grand Champion – YOLO Board

Best Adventure Experience – Grand Champion – YOLO Board Adventures Sandestin

Best Bicycle Service – Judge’s Choice – YOLO Board + Bike

Best Kid’s Attraction – Judge’s Choice – YOLO Board Adventures Sandestin


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Team Rider Tyler Marshall Hosts Paddleboard Camping Trip

Posted on: 10-15-2015


YOLO Board team rider Tyler Marshall led a paddle board camping trip down the Brazos River in north Texas this past weekend. The YOLO Board inflatable is the perfect  SUP board for excursions like this one.  The DFW Surf Club spent the weekend enjoying the natural beauty of the Brazos, as well as getting a chance to try their hand at some inland surfing.


“What a year for DFW Surf Club with over 50 new members who love to be on the water.  We have new members from all over the metroplex who, on the average, make it out to one of our lakeside locations at least once a week.  Trying something new is what life is all about and that is just what we did over the weekend as we headed south for our annual camping trip.  In the morning we met just west of Waco on the beautiful Brazos River; here we started our paddle journey to the famous white cliffs of Lover’s Leap.  From there we ventured down the river where we finished our journey for lunch at Manny’s on the lake.  Round 2 of the trip we hopped on the infamous 52 Foot Sea Ray thanks to Captain Michael Wilson and Waco River Charters.”

– Written by DFW Surf

tyler marshal


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This Bike is Not Your Mama’s Beach Cruiser

Posted on:

YOLO Bike Fat Tire Cruiser


Beginning in Florida as a Stand Up Paddleboard or SUP company, YOLO Board has expanded into beach cruisers, aligning the true vision of united freedom as they cultivate a tribe of friends devoted to a healthy, happy life filled with adventure. Each YOLO Board product is meant to improve quality of life and draw people together. The newest addition to the YOLO Board family is the beach cruiser. Each beach cruiser bicycle is a custom YOLO design; each a unique part of the YOLO Board line up.


Schwinn first introduced this single-speed bicycle, affordable form of transportation during the great depression. Bikes were a luxury for sport, too expensive and impractical for the average American.  The first prototypes with hefty steel frames and sturdy, wide, balloon tires allowed the cruiser to sustain more wear-and-tear than other bike competitors. Americans soon adopted them as an affordable and preferred way to get around. Eventually becoming synonymous with coastal life- most popular amongst surfers and beach-bums. Schwinn created the Beach Cruiser for a weary, broken America to reassure them that life could still be a trip to the beach.

Today, we are all too familiar with the chaos of transportation- the traffic, tickets, crashes, crowded subways, that strange-smelling person next to you on the bus. Though developed in another time, the beach cruiser is still a modern mode of transportation, maybe even more relevant than before. Cruiser life is freedom from the neoteric-congestion- the menagerie of droning, honking, and screeching. Most of the time a beach cruiser isn’t actually used on the beach. The “beach”  in beach-cruiser stands for the idea of a laid-back sunny day by the ocean, in a simpler time. So, on a Friday night, rather than crowding in a cab, or fighting for parking, cruise to the pub with your friends. A beach cruiser gets you there in safety and in style. See which YOLO cruiser fits you and your lifestyle.

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4 Tips For Happiness In The Workplace

Posted on: 10-06-2015

YOLO Board Meetings

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”

– Denis Waitley


4 Tips For Happiness In The Workplace

Finding true happiness at work doesn’t have anything to do with money. It has more to do with our day-to-day experiences. So if you want to be happy on the job, learn to govern your own experience. Here are four tips for crafting a happy workplace for yourself and your team.


 1. Focus on The Process

Getting good results in any business is great, but you can’t base your happiness on it. Focus on the process rather than the outcome of your achievements. Win or fail, when you focus on the process it’s all about the ride.

YOLO Board Meetings

 “The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction not a destination.”

―  Carl Rogers


2. Discover Your Passion

Find passion in what you’re doing right now. No job is perfect. Sometimes the work load is exhausting. Take a look at how your role in your business makes a difference in the world. Knowing that your contributing to a greater good is something to be passionate about.

YOLO Board Meetings

“Wiping out is an underappreciated skill.”

― Laird Hamilton


3. Lose The Distractions

In today’s world distraction happens as often as blinking. Trying to switch between multiple tasks isn’t a very efficient way to work. By turning off distractions and focusing on one task at a time, your performance will improve.

YOLO Board Meetings

“When you stop chasing the wrong things you give the right things a chance to catch you.”

— Lolly Daskal


4. Make Meetings Meaningful

Sometimes the best way to make honest heart felt connections with other people is to have shared experiences.  If the only time you ever see your colleagues is at the weekly meeting the interactions can be somewhat dull.  Try moving the bulk of your meetings to an online discussion then do some fun team building activities when you meet up with your colleagues. How you choose to experience your work day can make all the difference in the world, to you and your team.

YOLO Board Meetings

“If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, it’s full potential, that word would be ‘meetings’.”

Dave Barry

Written by Shane Sauer Photos by Shane Sauer & Chandler Williams of Modus Photography

YOLO Board Meetings

As you can tell our own board meetings are  little different than you might expect. If you’re in this area and want to find out more info on how to put on your own “YOLO Board Meeting” email info@yoloboard.com  call  (850) 424-6852

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Team Rider Jessie Benson Featured in Yoga Digest Magazine

Posted on: 10-05-2015



We’re so proud of team rider Jessie Benson who was recently published in Yoga Digest Magazine! Jessie is a life long waterwoman, an avid SUPyoga instructor as well as the founder of the SUPyoga program FloYo®. Yoga Digest is hitting the shelves in stores nation wide; Whole foods, Earth Fare, and Sprouts stores are just to name a few. You can check out the magazine online HERE!




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YOLO Board and 30A Company Announce New Partnership

Posted on: 10-01-2015

Jeff Archer and Mike Ragsdale

 YOLO Board and 30A Company Announce New Partnership


Santa Rosa Beach, Florida — October 1, 2015 — Two local companies — YOLO Board and The 30A Company — announced a major new partnership that will span numerous lines of business, including retail, merchandise, rental services, tours, marketing, charities, events and more. Both companies are true “South Walton originals,” born in Walton County.

Jeff Archer founded YOLO Board in 2006, armed with the motto “You Only Live Once” and a deep passion for sharing the emerging sport of standup paddling with the world. Mike Ragsdale created the 30A lifestyle brand around the same time, and the two companies have experienced dramatic growth ever since.

“Jeff and I have been friends ever since I moved here, before either of us started our current companies,” said Ragsdale. “Over the years, we’ve routinely shared ideas and inspirations for growing our respective companies, and I’ve been astounded to witness YOLO Board’s evolution into an internationally known brand.”

Archer said that the two lifestyle brands and companies share natural synergies.

“YOLO’s roots are firmly planted here along Scenic Highway 30-A, while The 30A Company is all about promoting our local lifestyle, including activities such as biking and paddling,” said Archer. “Our brands have always shared an informal alliance, but now that both companies are moving into a new phase of rapid growth, it makes sense to combine our resources and strategic visions.”

Ragsdale said that the new partnership involves many moving parts, including an annual line of custom 30A YOLO Bikes, 30A YOLO Boards, paddles and other related accessories.

“We’ll also be announcing new joint 30A / YOLO social and charitable initiatives soon,” said Ragsdale. “The partnership will impact both companies and our community in so many exciting new ways. We’re really setting the stage for the next 10 years.”


About YOLO Board



“YOLO Board didn’t invent standup paddling or its boards… but its savvy, marketing-driven approach has, despite the sport’s West Coast roots, made the Santa Rosa Beach, FL-based company an industry leader,” said Entrepreneur magazine. YOLO Board, LLC, is a leading designer, marketer and distributor of standup paddleboards, paddles, equipment, lifestyle apparel and accessories. Since 2007, the community-minded brand (aptly named for the lifestyle mantra “You Only Live Once”) has been committed to manufacturing a variety of quality boards suited to fit any paddler, from the recreational novice to the elite pro racer. In 2014, the company expanded its growing YOLO-inspired lifestyle product line with the debut of YOLO Paddles and YOLO Bike Co. Board and bike rentals, lessons, corporate and team building packages and seasonal community race events are available through YOLO Board Adventures Sandestin and YOLO Board + Beach – the company’s flagship store in Miramar Beach featuring the unique ‘try before you buy’ lake experience. Additional retail and rental locations include YOLO Board + Bike at Gulf Place Town Center on Scenic Highway 30A, YOLO Board West Coast in San Diego, California, and a growing number of distributors nationwide.

For more information, visit YOLOBoard.com or call 850-622-5760.


About 30A


30A LogoFounded in 2007, “30A” is a brand inspired by the happy beach life celebrated along
Florida’s Scenic Highway 30-A. But “30A is more than just a road in Florida,” said ABC-TV. “A website that started to promote a small stretch of coastline is fast becoming an international brand.” In fact, with over 360,000 Facebook fans around the world, “30A.com has exploded” (Southern Living). “30A means good times on the Gulf Coast,” wrote U.S. AirwaysMagazine, and we think that sums it up pretty nicely. 30A is Mayberry at the beach. It’s a sunset stroll on sugar white sand. It’s an outdoor concert under a star-filled sky. It’s a leisurely bike ride along a silent wooded path or a slow sunrise paddle across a calm coastal dune lake. 30A is a return to simpler times where friends, family and the outdoors are valued over celebrity gossip and political scandal. Over 940,000 of our world-famous 30A Stickers in are now in circulation, and we’ve raised over $280,000 for charities through our 30A sticker donation boxes, our annual 30A Charity Golf Classic and many other 30A events.

Click here for more information about The 30A Company.


Repost from 30A.com

EJ Johnson to be Featured in Extraordinary Health Magazine

Posted on: 09-29-2015

EJ Garden


We’re stoked to announce that EJ Johnson’s preparation and recovery story is now featured in this of Extraordinary Health Magazine.   Big thank you to Garden of Life for continuously fueling and supporting EJ all these years! The magazine will be published nationwide in the next few weeks.  Make sure to grab your copy or check it out online HERE.


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Fletcher Fastest in Florida

Posted on: 09-28-2015




Team rider Garrett Fletcher now has bragging rights to “The Fastest Paddler in Florida” after making his way onto the podium this past weekend at the 3rd Annual Lake Mary Jane Paddle Race. At the beginning of the race season, Danny Smith brought together the directors of some of the largest races in Florida with the idea of creating a Fastest in Florida Point Series. The champion would be crowned based upon their best four performances at any of Florida’s six major SUP races – The Shark Bite Challenge, The Florida Cup, the Sarasota SUP Series, the SUP N GO, Lake Mary Jane and the Race Around Palm Island. The board classes were 14′ and 12’6 for men and 12’6 for women. After the race this weekend in Lake Mary Jane, Fletcher cemented his position as 1st on the leader board based on his overall points from his top four races of the SUP Series, giving him rights to the title.  We are so proud of his accomplishments and we thank our team sponsor Garden of Life for fueling his passion!



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Marriage on the Mississippi

Posted on: 09-22-2015

Marriage On the MississippiYOLO Board team rider Kacie Wallace and her now husband Richard Stockmans, took the plunge into marriage as they floated along the muddy Mississippi River in what they called their “Duck Dynasty-style wedding”. This totally awesome wedding took place after the Big River Regional WPA-sanctioned race in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in which both Kacie and Richard participated.  Kacie’s fellow YOLO Board team rider Michael Westenberger, officiated the ceremony with the two floating on their YOLO Boards. What an epic way to begin the next chapter in their life together. We’re happy that we got to share in the special moment. The Tribe is excited for you both, best wishes for a long and happy adventure!

Kacie and Richard Mississippi river wedding

Win a YOLO Paddle!

Posted on: 09-18-2015



Get out there and capture your best “You Only Live Once” moment for a chance to win a FREE EJ Johnson YOLO Carbon Paddle. #MyYOLOMoment on your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook photos by Oct 18th! The winner will be selected through a voting process that takes place between Oct 19th-31st. Soon after the voting window closes the winner will be announced.