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YOLO Team Riders Featured in Turtle Bay Resort Promotion

Posted on: 12-04-2015

We’re excited to see YOLO team riders Ingo and Ehiku Rademacher featured in the new commercial promoting Turtle Bay Resort, located on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The Perfect Day At Turtle Bay looks like a day well spent.

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The 30A Company, YOLO Board, and 360 Blue Join Forces Behind The Sonder Project

Posted on: 11-17-2015

Sonder Project Partnership

– Repost from www.thesonderproject.org

The 30A Company and YOLO Board, two of the fastest growing lifestyle brands in the country, announced today that they were joining with 360 Blue, a luxury vacation rental company, as the three Founding Partners of The Sonder Project, a new global nonprofit focused on high-impact, sustainable projects aimed at ending extreme poverty and fighting hunger around the world.

The organization’s global projects, focused on some of the poorest areas in the world, include building schools (with an emphasis on equal opportunities for girls), drilling wells to provide safe drinking water, and coordinating deworming campaigns to help children stay heathy enough to thrive and learn. Most recently, The Sonder Project gained early national exposure for its “Project: feed,” a new program aimed at fighting hunger domestically. Project: feed helps vacation rental companies across the US collect all the nonperishable food items left behind by departing guests, and then works with a network of nationwide volunteers to get the food redistributed to local food charities in each city.

“Our international projects are already making a real difference in the lives of so many suffering around the world, and the support we’ve received for our new effort to fight hunger at home has been nothing short of amazing,” said Ashley Hamm, co-Founder and co-Chairman of The Sonder Project and CEO of 360 Blue. Over 100 companies all across the US have joined the program in its first month, and the hope is that with very little effort this project can help the vacation rental industry come together to make a real impact in the fight against hunger.

“30A and YOLO are both incredible organizations with a passion for enjoying life, an amazingly generous fan base, and a true appreciation for helping others. We couldn’t be more proud or delighted to be welcoming these companies as Founding Partners of The Sonder Project,” added Jason Sprenkle, The Sonder Project’s other co-Founder and co-Chair. “This partnership came together because there is an amazing and palpable energy between our teams. The more we worked together, the more we realized that we all share a vision for building great brands with passionate employees centered around a true culture of giving back. I can’t wait to see what we can all accomplish with our brands fully aligned behind this effort.”

With the exploding reach of 30A.com’s over 360,000 Facebook fans and 260,000 loyal radio listeners, the 30A Company brings a huge opportunity for awareness to the team. “We’ve got a long, proud history of using the 30A brand to help do good. We’ve been working with charities since our launch, and it’s become a core part of who we are as a company and a brand. We couldn’t be more excited to be focusing our efforts and energy behind this exciting new partnership,” said Mike Ragsdale, 30A’s founder and CEO.

Jeff Archer, CEO of YOLO Board, shares the same sentiments. “The Sonder Project’s mission fits perfectly with our overall vision and brand. They appreciate the many blessings we all share, and they understand the importance of all of us stepping up and doing our part to share those blessings with those in need. They also know that small but sustainable efforts can have massive impacts globally, while still understanding the importance of working to help those at home. We’ve been searching for a way to focus our brand and energy behind a charity that makes a real difference in not only the lives they touch, but the generations behind them. We’ve built a brand around celebrating the importance of enjoying life and appreciating the moments we share with others. The ability to help others reach their potential and enjoy the many blessings of life is part of that same story. We couldn’t be more excited about the future of The Sonder Project and the opportunity for the YOLO community to be a key part of shaping and celebrating that future,” said Archer.

“We are so proud to have these three brands helping to lead the way in the fight against poverty and hunger, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect,” added Hamm. “The United Nations’ just released its new list of seventeen SDG’s, or Sustainable Development Goals, to help guide the world in our fight against extreme poverty for the next fifteen years. These concrete goals offer a path towards hope for so many, but they can only be achieved if we all work together to do our part. Our focus globally is to bring together nonprofit organizations with well proven, sustainable solutions that can offer immediate hope and long term aid to those suffering in remote parts of the world. I can’t wait to see what we can do with these three amazing companies at our side.”

To learn more about The Sonder Project, or to find out how you can help, visit their website at www.thesonderproject.org.

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Join the New 30A YOLO Bike and Beach Club!

Posted on: 11-12-2015


Bike+BeachClubThe 30A YOLO Bike & Beach Club has officially launched, bringing locals of all skill levels together for some laid-back exploration of South Walton’s natural habitats.


Group bike rides kick-off every Saturday at 8:30 a.m. from YOLO Board + Bike in Gulf Place. You can grab a cup of coffee at The 30A Store next door before heading out with the group onto the Longleaf Pine Trails, and then you can enjoy an ice cool beer when you get back.


Jeff Archer, CEO of YOLO Board, and Mike Ragsdale, founder of The 30A Company, came up with the idea for the club as part of the companies’ recent partnership.


“We wanted to bring together a fun group of people who enjoy taking advantage of everything that South Walton has to offer,” said Archer. “It’s a really laid-back chance to hang out with old friends and to make new ones.”


“Some days we’ll explore nature trails, some days we’ll do a pub crawl or cafe tour; whatever the club wants to do,” said Ragsdale. “It’s almost like a mobile speakeasy.”



While the club is still very much in its infancy, Archer said that the group will take at least one bike ride a week, and will expand to organize group paddle board excursions, beach bonfires and other special events. Note that everyone is welcome to travel at their own pace and that all brands of bikes are welcome.(AKA, ride what you got!) Club members will soon have access to a special mobile app featuring club info, as well as access to official 30A YOLO Bike and Beach Club shirts and swag.


The 30A YOLO Bike and Beach Club is free to join, and it’s open to all skill levels. Watch 30A.com’s events calendar for weekly meeting dates, times and details.


-Repost from 30A.com

Bike rentals are available at YOLO Board + Bike in Gulf Place, call (850) 276-0602 to reserve.

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YOLO Partners with Garden of Life and Whole Foods

Posted on: 11-11-2015

Whole Foods YOLO Bike
Loved partnering with Garden of Life and Whole Foods on this promotion in Winter Park, FL.  YOLO bikes make great prizes, presents, and treats for yourself!  If you haven’t tried Garden of Life Raw Products, pick some up at Whole Foods or at our retail store in Miramar Beach.  Be sure to start with their Probiotics, Protein, Vitamins and Greens Powder. They are amazing products that yield amazing results.
Get out there, get healthy, get active, get on a YOLO Bike.
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Veterans Day Weekend Sale!

Posted on: 11-05-2015



In honor of all who have served, we will be having a Veterans Day weekend sale at our YOLO Board + Beach location in Miramar Beach, and YOLO Board + Bike location in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. The sale will take place Saturday, November 7th through Monday, November 9th at YOLO Board + Beach and Saturday and Monday at YOLO Board + Bike. YOLO Boards starting at $599, YOLO Bikes on sale up to $150 off. Board and paddle packages available, as well as buy one get one free on select apparel. All current and retired military will receive an additional 10% off any purchase with their military I.D. See you there!


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SUPilates Retreat with Karen Mirlenbrink

Posted on: 10-29-2015


Destress, unwind and find yourself at one of YOLO Board team rider Karen Mirlenbrink’s SUPilates Retreats. The Mauka Makai Retreat Dominica is scheduled for June 11th-16th, 2016 in Dominica. It’s sure to be an experience unlike any other in the Carribean, complete with daily yoga and pilates classes, guided hike, and snorkeling.


Prefer an experience stateside? Day and half day retreats are available on the Weeki Wachee River in Florida where paddleing techniques as you cruise past Manatees is the focus of the day! Learn more at supilates.com!


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Calling All Tribe Members!

Posted on:



Attention YOLO tribe! Now casting for 2016 photos and videos. If you love to paddle or bike and want to join in the adventure as we document our newest product’s release please apply below. Only experienced paddlers need apply.  Modeling and acting experience is a plus. We are looking for male and female paddlers 18-45, as well as a family that can paddle.



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Board Meeting Winner!

Posted on: 10-27-2015



Congratulations to Melia Jacobs for winning the YOLO Board Meeting Giveaway Contest! We can’t wait for you and your friends to come down and get on the water together! Book your next Board Meeting here.


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Why do you Paddle?

Posted on: 10-23-2015



By: Karen Mirlenbrink

Maybe we should make this question a monthly meditation. But really, why do you?  What is it about paddling that keeps you doing it?  What has it brought to your life?

“Paddling” is a loose word, and I define it as simply that.  Paddling.  It doesn’t matter what I paddle; I just have been doing it for a while.  Rob and I bought our first kayak well before we were married.  We bought it to keep in shape and spent time together on the water.  We never imagined that that pink (um, I mean “raspberry’, as Rob always corrects me) sit on top kayak would take us on an adventure that has lasted us over a third of our lives.  We have pretty much have paddled everything we could – from sea kayaks to stand up paddleboards and everything in between.  We’ve toured, we’ve raced, we’ve guided, and any paddlecraft is great, as long as it floats.

When we get caught in the hype or in the “paddle-tics” of whatever paddlesport we participate in, sometimes it’s good to look back at why we paddle. Sometimes reminiscing on your roots can bring things back into perspective.

I’ve reflected back at what I have learned and experienced in my paddling.   As I typed them below, I found it amazing what came up, and how each item affected me emotionally. The memories were great, and I know and understand the lessons that each one has taught me.  That’s what life’s about, isn’t it?  Experiencing life, and learning from it. Here is some of what paddling has done for me:

I’ve accomplished things I never thought I could.  I’ve pushed myself beyond my perceived limits.  I’ve looked fear in the face, and smiled at it.  I’ve been forced to swim for my life.  I’ve put myself in life or death situations, and survived.  I’ve seen a man die.

I know the courting rituals of alligators.  I know the names and calls of my local sea birds.  I love the white pelicans and their big orange feet.  I know the fishing seasons, and what bait they eat.  I’ve seen a stone crabber crabbing.  I’ve seen many endangered species.  I’ve been bumped AND humped by a manatee.  A shark has tasted me.  I’ve been pinched by crabs and stung by jellyfish.  I know why the fiddler crab fiddles and why the tarpons run.   I was almost clobbered by a tarpon once, and a large spotted ray almost landed on me.  I know what time of day the dolphins swim past Honeymoon Island.  I’ve found seashells as big as my head, and have seen beaches covered in white sandollars.  I paddled through the worst red tide in history (yuck!).  I have brushed ice off of my surfksi then went paddling in it.  I have seen dolphins do things what words can’t describe.  I have seen sea turtles as big as Volkswagens.  I know who has lived on my beach far before me; I’ve found their tools in the sand.

I can tell you how the weather is going to change by looking at the clouds in the sky.  I can tell you what the tides will do by looking at the moon.  I can predict a hurricane season by looking at the location of the sea turtle nests.  I can feel the current and find the flow.  I can find the rhythm and feel the energy.

I’ve been to the most amazing places, many of which most people don’t know exist.  I have seen the real Florida and I’m in love with it.  I’ve paddled waves in Hawaii.  I’ve swam in the Kaiwi Channel.  I’ve scouted and paddled the Colorado River.  I’ve paddled around Manhattan and Key West.  I’ve even paddled in Tennessee!  I paddled down Florida’s West Coast.  I’ve paddled crystal clear rivers and alligator-infested lakes.  I’ve paddled around a barge while being pelted with flying fish, and I’ve paddled through a lot of piers.  I’ve surfed everything I can paddle.  I’ve ridden big waves on a north to south downwinder.  I know how to enter and exit shore break safely.  I’ve only crash landed on the shore once!

I’ve met the most amazing people, and have made my best friends.

I think I have salt water in my veins. I think I’m really a mermaid.

The ocean has taught me about of life.  I’ve learned that sometimes I can’t change things, but I can go with the flow.  I’ve learned to harness nature’s energy and use it to my advantage.  I’ve learned not to get in Mother Nature’s way.  I’ve learned to listen when she speaks.  I’ve learned to respect, love and celebrate nature and her ocean.

I’ve learned more about myself than I ever want to admit.

I paddle for me.  I paddle for clarity.  I paddle as meditation.  I paddle for the love.  I paddle passionately.  I don’t paddle for money.  I don’t paddle for hype.  I don’t paddle for recognition (though it feels good sometimes).  I paddle for me.



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Good Luck to All Paddlers this Weekend!

Posted on: 10-20-2015


Yolo Race Seaside

Best of luck to all competitors and our YOLO Team Riders, Westy, Leah, and Christian at Chattajack 31 and Karen who is hosting the Clearwater Beach Classic.  Three big races all happening this weekend throughout the south.  The 31-mile beast of a paddle, the Chattajack 31 is taking place in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  The inaugural Clearwater Beach Classic, down in Clearwater, Florida,  and the inaugural RUN/SUP Race, taking place at Grayton Beach State Park, in Grayton Beach, Florida.  Paddle hard everyone!


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