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This blog features YOLO Board experiences from all over the world. Please send us your photos and videos so that we can all share in the SUP experience. Send them to info@yoloboard.com.

YOLO board by Mitt

Posted on: 07-03-2013

Michelle from Full Moon Paddleboard paddles by Mitt Romney!  You never know what you’ll see on your paddling adventures!

YOLO boards on Lay Lake

Posted on: 07-02-2013

Love to see families enjoying the boards!  Thanks for sharing Eric!

Yak adventures

Posted on: 07-01-2013

Making memories on the YOLO yak.  This board is perfect for families with kids as they are pretty much indestructable!  Thanks for sharing Melonie!

Wolf River YOLO

Posted on: 06-26-2013

What a GREAT TIME with our YOLO Crew on the Wolf River in MS this weekend!!  Karen J rocked it for her first time!!


Costa Rica SUPers

Posted on: 06-11-2013

Costa Rica SUPers enjoying their YOLO Boards and EJ paddles!

YOLO fun on Lake Burton

Posted on: 05-29-2013

 Thanks for Kelly for sending in this pic.  We love to see our peeps enjoying their boards!

Palm Beach YOLO

Posted on: 05-06-2013

YOLO Boarding on the Intracoastal off Palm Beach. This 12′ board size is perfect for those with young children who aren’t ready to handle their own board yet. Thanks again, I love my YOLO and wouldn’t buy anything else!Jeff C.
Palm Beach
Thanks for sending the photo Jeff!  YOLO!

Clark rippin it up on the 10’6

Posted on: 05-04-2013

Looking good in Delray Beach!

Happy 18th YOLO Bday

Posted on: 04-22-2013

Mary Ryan celebrated her birthday in Seaside, FL with her gorgeous friends.  YOLO-style! 

Watercolor Fun

Posted on: 04-16-2013

Pat P and family had a great day at YOLO Board Adventures- Watercolor in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.  Thanks for sharing the pic Pat!  If you are in town, call 850-419-6188 to reserve your board!