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This blog features YOLO Board experiences from all over the world. Please send us your photos and videos so that we can all share in the SUP experience. Send them to info@yoloboard.com.

The Sapona

Posted on: 03-05-2011

Last week I took my 14′ Explorer to a wreck we call the Sapona. The Sapona is a concrete wreck that is half submerged and has beautiful marine life under the water and an incredible history during the rum running days to Florida and gun running to Cuba before a hurricane put her aground. The US Navy then used her for target practice so she would never sell contraband again… After diving the wreck, I free-dove several reefs and had the pleasure to sit through a beautiful sunset on the way home.

I have been using the board to explore our incredible mangrove areas, we teach free-diving during our wild dolphin weeks here and I can pack all my gear on the Explorer, dive all the reefs in our Bimini area. I am able to do deep drops with the board floating above as a safety platform in the Gulf stream. In a few weeks, when our season starts we will be using it to play with our wild dolphin pods here in Bimini
Geoffrey Hanan
Dolphin Expeditions
Bimini, Bahamas

YOLO in Vermont

Posted on: 03-02-2011

When will the snow melt already!! Well, she’ll be ready when it does! YOLO girl!


Posted on: 02-21-2011

The Wolff’s know You Only Live Once. This is their 5th.

YOLO SUP Luchador Style

Posted on: 02-20-2011


Posted on: 02-16-2011

MJ’s little one covered in mud is our fav photo of the month. It doesn’t get any better. You Only Live Once

YOLO Board cutie

Posted on: 02-08-2011

Beach photos by Bryan Harrison. She is too cute!! We love to see the little wahines out on the boards.

South Padre Island

Posted on: 01-20-2011

Check out the YOLOyaks in South Padre Island, TX! They are available for rent from Coastal Lifestyles. What a great way to explore the beautiful waterways in south Texas. YOLO!

YOLO in Canada!

Posted on: 01-13-2011

Beautiful shot of the YOLOyak on the water in Canada! Proof positive that this sport can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere! Thanks for the photo Mark!

Surf Expo in Orlando, FL

Posted on: 01-11-2011

John Denney of Jupiter Paddleboarding enjoying Surf Expo in Orlando, FL with Tom Losee of YOLO Board.

Mike D in Orlando with YOLO Explorer

Posted on: 12-28-2010

Check out Mike D aka “The Shepard” in Orlando, FL with his 14′ YOLO Explorer laden with his gear. What a great pic of the board traveling through the canal. Thanks for sending your pics Mike. YOLO!