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YOLO goes to Maine !

Posted on: 07-25-2011

Hello YOLO friends –Just experienced some extraordinary paddles off the coast of Maine. I drove up with my dog and my YOLO board and paddled throughout the islands of Casco Bay… it was calm and beautiful… the water was cool (65ish), deep deep green, clear, clean and stunningly beautiful. I paddled 10+ miles across 100+ ft. deep channels (first time in really big water like that and it was crazy!), around rocky points with crashing waves, through a maze of sailboats, lobster boats, lobster buoys, floating docks stacked with lobster pots, seagulls, seaweed… and a nice breeze. Definitely one of those moments in life when “just being” is the best place in the world to be.

I am thankful to be part of the YOLO family and I thank each of you for your part in welcoming me.


YOLO Board Ft. Myers!

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Goose on his new YOLO Board

Posted on: 07-14-2011

Look at this little YOLO man. He is the spirit of “You Only Live Once!”

YOLO on the Bayou

Posted on: 06-22-2011

We are brand new to the YOLO family and have a fun story.

I have been dreaming of a SUP board since April 2008 when I saw one in Hawaii.

We live in Lafayette, La and went to a demo event hosted by Pack & Paddle this morning.

Here is the fun/interesting story…
I was on a 12ft Soft Top while my 12 and 10 yr old sons were in a Kayak.
We had a visitor on our demo ride…a 10 ft GATOR!
I was a little nervous, but stayed calm (outside). This demo ride was only my 2nd time on a YOLO Board, a novice at best.
The gator checked us out for a minute or two and then disappeared. I’m assuming that was his seal of approval.
We ended up buying a red one and we played on it for two hours this evening AND can’t wait for tomorrow!!!
Family time at its best – on a YOLO, on the water!

Jason Herter

YOLO Board in Grove, OK!

Posted on: 06-13-2011

Kama K and her dog Tiki on Grand Lake in Grove, Oklahoma! That’s the life Tiki!

YOLO Fisherman reaches his limit!

Posted on: 05-23-2011

Dave reaches his limit on his first outing on his YOLOyak. Now that’s a good day on the water!

YOLO on the Gulf

Posted on: 05-18-2011

Unreal photo of Ryan Hurst on the Gulf of Mexico. Thanks for the pic! YOLO! You only live once!


Posted on: 05-17-2011

Calvin Shepard and his dog, Hurley.
Easter weekend 2011
Western Lake, Watercolor FL

Board of Cake?

Posted on: 04-29-2011

Posted on: 04-26-2011