YOLOBoard World

This blog features YOLO Board experiences from all over the world. Please send us your photos and videos so that we can all share in the SUP experience. Send them to info@yoloboard.com.

Future SUP stars!

Posted on: 07-26-2012

Future SUP stars! YOLO!

Kendall’s new YOLO Board

Posted on: 07-14-2012

Paula surprised Kendall with a new board! She picked the perfect 10'6! YOLO girls!

Happy 4th of July!

Posted on: 07-04-2012

Two cuties ready for July 4th. YOLO!

Phil’s 14′ Rasta Race Board

Posted on: 06-28-2012

Phil is stoked to pick up his new 14' Rasta Race Board! He recently place 2nd in his division at the YOLO Board Mileage Builder Race. YOLO Phil!

Klinker Armada

Posted on: 06-27-2012

The Klinker YOLO Board Fleet!  They actually own 7 boards !!  This is a true You Only Live Once kind of family, and exactly what YOLO is all about-family fun.

YOLO Board in Atlanta, GA

Posted on: 06-19-2012

Jeffrey’s family loves their new YOLO Board, shown here on a lake in Atlanta, GA.  This is proof positive that standup paddleboarding is moving inland!  Any water, anywhere! YOLO!


New Pink Predator

Posted on: 05-17-2012

Kandace M with her Pink Predator!  She is looking forward to coming to our Mileage Builder series at Sandestin!  Go girl!  YOLO

Georgia YOLO

Posted on: 05-14-2012

Two cuties from Georgia came by the shop

this weekend to pick up a board for their mom.

What a great Mother’s Day gift!  YOLO!

You Only Live Once in the AMAZON!

Posted on: 04-19-2012

Gary is sporting his YOLO Board Adventures T-shirt in the AMAZON!  What a great You Only Live Once experience!

1st YOLO Board Lesson

Posted on: 04-09-2012

Grace’s first YOLO Board Lesson!  Looks like she had fun!  YOLO Grace!