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Become a WPA Certified Class 1 Instructor

Posted on: 02-02-2016


Here is your chance to get World Paddle Association (WPA) certified as a Class 1 Instructor!

WPA Master Instructor & YOLO Team Coach Gary Wise will be holding a WPA Certification Class March 12, 2016, at YOLO Board + Beach, 11610 US Hwy 98 W, Miramar Beach FL 32550 from 9 a.m – 3 p.m.

The WPA Water Safety curriculum includes classroom and on water instruction as part of the water safety education classes that includes:

  • Board and Equipment Purchasing
  • SUP Etiquette
  • Safety Planning
  • Injury Prevention
  • Water Dynamics
  • Boating Laws
  • Board & Paddling Skills
  • Rescue techniques
  • Water Safety information

All instructors who complete a World Paddle Association Water Safety class are also required to complete the following criteria to satisfy the certification requirements. An instructor may attend a WPA Water Safety class if they have not met the following CPR/First aid and insurance criteria, however will not receive their certificate until all requirements are met:

• CPR/First Aid certificate (class format through the American Heart Association or American Red Cross)
• Liability insurance coverage (we will send you information with lower insurance rates only available for WPA instructors)
• $75 per year to maintain WPA instructor certificate (first year’s fee is included in the $295 class fee)
• 80% on certification exam


• Marketing: instructors will be posted by level and region on the WPA website
• Insurance: discounted rates for individual and group insurance
• Backed by a structured organization with the WPA and the WPA Board of Instructors
• Updates with curriculum supplied to all WPA instructors


All candidates wishing to attend this class must complete the attached application and email it to Gary Wise at surf.sport@yahoo.com no later thanMarch 5, 2016 or mail it with a deposit check for $150 made out to Gary Wise to 209 Chase Run, Miramar Beach, FL 32550.

If for some reason you have to cancel and cannot attend you will not lose your deposit. We will apply your deposit to the next WPA class that you can attend.

All instructors attending must adhere to the guidelines set forward by the WPA with information posted below and on worldpaddleassociation.com.

Please note that along with your credentials that you have submitted on your application you MUST be able to maneuver and paddle a board in a confident and comfortable fashion. The WPA classes are tailored to the sport of stand up paddling. Your certification will be delayed and withheld if the instructor(s) feel that your skill level is not up the standards needed to teach lessons as a WPA Instructor.

We look forward to providing the best practices with stand up paddleboard water safety education to pass on for your future lesson plans and staff. Feel free to contact Gary if you need any additional information at surf.sport@yahoo.com.

Download the Instructor Certification Application here.

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Improve Your Paddle Efficiency

Posted on: 01-26-2016

This catch drill is my favorite off the water drill that replicates the movement patterns needed to position the body for an efficient catch.

The catch refers to the placement of the blade into the water in a manner where the paddler’s energy can be efficiently transferred into the water, levering the paddler and craft past the entry point.

  • The blade should enter the water quickly and not hover before entry.
  • Balance combined with blade path and angle determine efficiency, catch weight and direction.
  • Stroke path is determined by entry position, even though there is not much movement by the blade through the water (the primary movement is the craft being levered past the blade).
  • An effective catch enables the paddler to apply the most force against the resistance of the water, levering the paddler and craft past the attachment point.


YOLO team coach workout drill

(1) Start position: Neutral posture, arms hanging

YOLO team coach drill

(2) Catch position: Extension, rotation and balance

Practice this drill in front of a mirror if possible in order that you are able to see and feel the desired rotation, extension and balance you are aiming for while maintaining good posture. Never sacrifice good posture in order to reach further for your catch. Use a broom handle or light bar with no added weights when trying this drill for the first time. Never use a weight that requires you to make compensatory moves in order for you to progress from the relaxed starting position, as shown above in image (1), to the completed “catch position” shown in image (2). The movement from start to finish should be smooth and controlled, don’t forget to breathe and most importantly, have fun…

Gary Wise – YOLO Board Team Coach

gary wise wpa certification

YOLO Team Places at Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge

Posted on:



This past weekend YOLO Team Captain EJ Johnson and Team Rider Garrett Fletcher hit the water racing with 500 other paddlers in the Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge, in San Diego’s, Mission Bay. Paddling a well fought 4.5 miles, EJ made his way to the podium finishing 2nd in his SUP class and Garrett finished up with a strong 6th in his class. Way to go guys, great start to 2016! Special thanks to Garden of Life for keeping the YOLO Team fueled up and healthy.

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2016 YOLO Boards Are Here!

Posted on: 01-19-2016


The 2016 boards are rolling in and we’re excited for you to see them! This year brings new construction, custom graphics and board models. The 2016 OriginalsCoastal Cruisers and Fisher Kingfish are the first of the 2016 lineup in stock and available for purchase online or in store.


Constructed with hammerstrength molded epoxy and out-of-this-world graphics, this year’s Original is not only eye catching but performs as good as it looks. Complete with a new, sleeker shape and consistent performance, the Original continues to be a favorite in any quiver and on the water. With great stability and tracking, this board is built for ease-of-use and can be a great fit for any paddler, beginner to pro. Available in both 10’6″ and 12′.



For good reason the Coastal Cruiser is among our most popular boards year after year. Offering a classic shape, amazing stability, full-length pad and great price point, this board has appeal for every paddler. For beginners, dog lovers and Yogis alike, this board is the most versatile in our line. Available in both 10’6″ and 12′.



Keeping your voyage stable and quite with its V-shaped hull, the newly designed 12′ YOLO Fisher is perfectly designed for all fishermen, big boys, or for those who want to carry some cargo along for their paddle. Offering a super stable platform for fishing and plenty of room to attach your cargo, the YOLO Fisher will take you and whatever gear you need to enjoy a day on the water.


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Boards You Can Beat!

Posted on: 01-14-2016

The YOLO Board 2016 lineup has board construction that can’t be beat, but actually they can! The YOLO® Hammerhead and the YOLO® Yak stand alone in the market as the toughest and strongest paddleboards out there.

YOLO® Hammerhead (click for pricing)

Lightweight + durable + great price = YOLO® Hammerhead! Finally, the perfect solution for the rental market and for those who are tough on their boards. This is a traditional fiberglass board with EPS foam care wrapped in an ABS Therom-formed plastic. A tough band covers the rail seam and serves as a rail protector to prevent damage from the paddle blade. The technology of this board is a a game-changer in the industry.

YOLO Yak® (click for pricing) 

The first ever roto-molded Stand Up Paddleboard, it’s a perfect family board and a favorite of camps, rental and resort businesses due to its indestructible design features and ease of use. The YOLO Yak® is a full adventure board that combines the elements of a paddleboard with the durability of a kayak. Produced in the USA, using the best marine technology available, the YOLO Yak® is made of roto-molded polyethylene (just like your favorite sit-atop kayak) and is the most durable, multi-use stand up paddleboard on the market; even tough enough for outdoor storage. Designed with a recessed deck and catamaran bottom to provide additional stability, the Yak is suitable for a variety of water pursuits including fishing, crabbing or cruising your favorite flatwater spot.

YOLO Yak Jr. (click for pricing)

A smaller version of the ever popular YOLOYak®, This board has the same superior stability as the original Yak, with greater maneuverability and a lighter weight.   Roto-molded polyethylene insures excellent durability to withstand all scenarios–kids, rentals, dogs–you name it. As tough as your toughest user!


For more info contact curt@yoloboard.com or give us a call at (850) 344-1327.




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Lake Powell SUP Camp Led by YOLO Team Riders

Posted on: 01-12-2016

Lake Powell Adventure

Join YOLO Team Riders Michael ‘Westy’ Westenberger and Leah Seacrest for a 5 day paddle and hike adventure on Lake Powell, AZ May 5-10th. This camp is designed for all skill levels, from those who are new to SUP as well as for seasoned paddlers. Paddle, hike, relax, and play as hard as you wish!


Trip consists of four days and five nights on a 59ft. Deluxe Houseboat, daily paddle and hiking excursions through beautiful canyons and caves, beach or SUP yoga classes, one Paddle Stroke Technique Clinic, nightly beach bonfires, plenty of free time to relax and more!


Learn more and book your spot today!


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Leah Seacrest Featured in Borders Magazine

Posted on: 12-16-2015

Leah Seacrest Borders Mag

We’re excited to see that YOLO team rider and fitness ambassador Leah Seacrest is featured in the December 2015 issue of of Borders Magazine! Check out the article here. Way to go Leah!




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SUPilates 2016 Workshops

Posted on: 12-10-2015




Throughout 2016 YOLO team rider Karen Mirlenbrink and SUPilates have put together a full schedule of workshops. A variety of workshops are being offered, from SUP Instructor Classes, to Race Clinics, to SUPilates Teacher Trainings. Come join us at one of these great classes in 2016!


January 23, 2016

WPA Class I Workshop and SUP Race Clinic

The SUP Shack, Ponce, Puerto Rico

Register Here


March 11-13th, 2016

SUPilates Instructor Workshop

Dunedin Pilates Studio, Dunedin, FL


May 20-22nd, 2016

SUPilates Instructor Workshop

A-Team Paddleboarding, Rockaway, NY


July 15-17th, 2016

SUPilates Instructor Workshop

Dunedin Pilates Studio, Dunedin, FL


September 24-25th, 2016

SUPilates Instructor Workshop

JoyMoves Studio, Austin, TX

Click here to register for SUPilates

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Free Shipping For The Holidays

Posted on: 12-09-2015

free shipping paddleboards

Now through the holidays we are offering free shipping on everything website wide! Sale pricing throughout the website as well as buy-one get-one deals on select apparel. Remember to get your order in by December 16th to ensure that your package arrives by December 24th.

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Order Deadline for Holiday Delivery

Posted on: 12-07-2015

Santa and Flea

Be sure to place your order online with us by December 16th to ensure that your purchase will be delivered by December 24th.