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YOLO Board and 30A Company Announce New Partnership

Posted on: 10-01-2015

Jeff Archer and Mike Ragsdale

 YOLO Board and 30A Company Announce New Partnership


Santa Rosa Beach, Florida — October 1, 2015 — Two local companies — YOLO Board and The 30A Company — announced a major new partnership that will span numerous lines of business, including retail, merchandise, rental services, tours, marketing, charities, events and more. Both companies are true “South Walton originals,” born in Walton County.

Jeff Archer founded YOLO Board in 2006, armed with the motto “You Only Live Once” and a deep passion for sharing the emerging sport of standup paddling with the world. Mike Ragsdale created the 30A lifestyle brand around the same time, and the two companies have experienced dramatic growth ever since.

“Jeff and I have been friends ever since I moved here, before either of us started our current companies,” said Ragsdale. “Over the years, we’ve routinely shared ideas and inspirations for growing our respective companies, and I’ve been astounded to witness YOLO Board’s evolution into an internationally known brand.”

Archer said that the two lifestyle brands and companies share natural synergies.

“YOLO’s roots are firmly planted here along Scenic Highway 30-A, while The 30A Company is all about promoting our local lifestyle, including activities such as biking and paddling,” said Archer. “Our brands have always shared an informal alliance, but now that both companies are moving into a new phase of rapid growth, it makes sense to combine our resources and strategic visions.”

Ragsdale said that the new partnership involves many moving parts, including an annual line of custom 30A YOLO Bikes, 30A YOLO Boards, paddles and other related accessories.

“We’ll also be announcing new joint 30A / YOLO social and charitable initiatives soon,” said Ragsdale. “The partnership will impact both companies and our community in so many exciting new ways. We’re really setting the stage for the next 10 years.”


About YOLO Board



“YOLO Board didn’t invent standup paddling or its boards… but its savvy, marketing-driven approach has, despite the sport’s West Coast roots, made the Santa Rosa Beach, FL-based company an industry leader,” said Entrepreneur magazine. YOLO Board, LLC, is a leading designer, marketer and distributor of standup paddleboards, paddles, equipment, lifestyle apparel and accessories. Since 2007, the community-minded brand (aptly named for the lifestyle mantra “You Only Live Once”) has been committed to manufacturing a variety of quality boards suited to fit any paddler, from the recreational novice to the elite pro racer. In 2014, the company expanded its growing YOLO-inspired lifestyle product line with the debut of YOLO Paddles and YOLO Bike Co. Board and bike rentals, lessons, corporate and team building packages and seasonal community race events are available through YOLO Board Adventures Sandestin and YOLO Board + Beach – the company’s flagship store in Miramar Beach featuring the unique ‘try before you buy’ lake experience. Additional retail and rental locations include YOLO Board + Bike at Gulf Place Town Center on Scenic Highway 30A, YOLO Board West Coast in San Diego, California, and a growing number of distributors nationwide.

For more information, visit YOLOBoard.com or call 850-622-5760.


About 30A


30A LogoFounded in 2007, “30A” is a brand inspired by the happy beach life celebrated along
Florida’s Scenic Highway 30-A. But “30A is more than just a road in Florida,” said ABC-TV. “A website that started to promote a small stretch of coastline is fast becoming an international brand.” In fact, with over 360,000 Facebook fans around the world, “30A.com has exploded” (Southern Living). “30A means good times on the Gulf Coast,” wrote U.S. AirwaysMagazine, and we think that sums it up pretty nicely. 30A is Mayberry at the beach. It’s a sunset stroll on sugar white sand. It’s an outdoor concert under a star-filled sky. It’s a leisurely bike ride along a silent wooded path or a slow sunrise paddle across a calm coastal dune lake. 30A is a return to simpler times where friends, family and the outdoors are valued over celebrity gossip and political scandal. Over 940,000 of our world-famous 30A Stickers in are now in circulation, and we’ve raised over $280,000 for charities through our 30A sticker donation boxes, our annual 30A Charity Golf Classic and many other 30A events.

Click here for more information about The 30A Company.


Repost from 30A.com

EJ Johnson to be Featured in Extraordinary Health Magazine

Posted on: 09-29-2015

EJ Garden


We’re stoked to announce that EJ Johnson’s preparation and recovery story is now featured in this of Extraordinary Health Magazine.   Big thank you to Garden of Life for continuously fueling and supporting EJ all these years! The magazine will be published nationwide in the next few weeks.  Make sure to grab your copy or check it out online HERE.


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Fletcher Fastest in Florida

Posted on: 09-28-2015




Team rider Garrett Fletcher now has bragging rights to “The Fastest Paddler in Florida” after making his way onto the podium this past weekend at the 3rd Annual Lake Mary Jane Paddle Race. At the beginning of the race season, Danny Smith brought together the directors of some of the largest races in Florida with the idea of creating a Fastest in Florida Point Series. The champion would be crowned based upon their best four performances at any of Florida’s six major SUP races – The Shark Bite Challenge, The Florida Cup, the Sarasota SUP Series, the SUP N GO, Lake Mary Jane and the Race Around Palm Island. The board classes were 14′ and 12’6 for men and 12’6 for women. After the race this weekend in Lake Mary Jane, Fletcher cemented his position as 1st on the leader board based on his overall points from his top four races of the SUP Series, giving him rights to the title.  We are so proud of his accomplishments and we thank our team sponsor Garden of Life for fueling his passion!



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Marriage on the Mississippi

Posted on: 09-22-2015

Marriage On the MississippiYOLO Board team rider Kacie Wallace and her now husband Richard Stockmans, took the plunge into marriage as they floated along the muddy Mississippi River in what they called their “Duck Dynasty-style wedding”. This totally awesome wedding took place after the Big River Regional WPA-sanctioned race in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in which both Kacie and Richard participated.  Kacie’s fellow YOLO Board team rider Michael Westenberger, officiated the ceremony with the two floating on their YOLO Boards. What an epic way to begin the next chapter in their life together. We’re happy that we got to share in the special moment. The Tribe is excited for you both, best wishes for a long and happy adventure!

Kacie and Richard Mississippi river wedding

Win a YOLO Paddle!

Posted on: 09-18-2015



Get out there and capture your best “You Only Live Once” moment for a chance to win a FREE EJ Johnson YOLO Carbon Paddle. #MyYOLOMoment on your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook photos by Oct 18th! The winner will be selected through a voting process that takes place between Oct 19th-31st. Soon after the voting window closes the winner will be announced.

Why Chattajack?

Posted on: 09-15-2015

WhyChattajackPhoto Credit: Shawna Herring Photography

Written by Leah Seacrest

Being in the industry, I know my place. I’m a SUP Fitness chick. That’s what I do–that’s what I’m good at–it’s my passion–it’s my contribution to a segment of the industry that is growing. Inevitably, when I travel and instruct, the question comes up, “Do you race?” And, my answer is always pretty much the same. “Nope, I’m not a racer. I’m a paddler.”

There have been times that I’ve taken a slight offense to the question. It seems like the inquiry is posed from the standpoint, “Well, if you don’t race, then you aren’t a REAL paddler.” I’ve since come to terms with that sentiment, as the sport alone for me encompasses something else entirely. Simply, I love and hold a passion for it because it feeds my soul. I love being outside. I love being active. I love the water. I love to PADDLE. I love teaching other people to paddle. I love teaching other people how to teach others to paddle. And, well, whether it’s your belief or not, that alone truly makes me as much of a legitimate and authentic paddler as the next guy.

I don’t race and I never have–in anything. Competition is not innately within me. My parents always taught my do my very best–always turn in your greatest work–always over achieve, which to some, can be viewed as competition especially if they themselves are competitive by nature–but there’s a distinct difference in always doing your best and competing with others.

So why the Chattajack as your first race? Why would someone put themselves in a position to complete something so big as their first ever event? The answer is personally complex…therefore if the answer you wanna hear is “why not?” then take that answer and stop reading right here! :)

The past couple of years have been really hard–I mean, really hard. This post will not be a laundry list of personal/family issues, however the heaviness of the past couple years, my family and I have encountered haven’t been short of hopelessness, betrayal, loss, health issues, anguish and misery. I’ve felt picked on, let down, and beat up. I’ve shaken my fists at the heavens and asked “why?” And, to compound it all–I’ve carried it all quietly with a smile on my face. From an outsider looking in, I’m a happy-go-luckyshe’s-got-it-together kind of gal. I wouldn’t have it any other way, however living a double life–seemingly happy on the outside yet crumbling on the inside, takes a toll on your soul. I have since learned, we all have our issues. You never know what suffering is going on behind closed doors. (This is your public service announcement to always be KIND).

In the height of my misery, I found myself in the middle of a body of water. Just me, on my board. I brought an anchor and threw it over the side. I quietly laid down with my face towards the sun and placed my palms flat on top of the water. Tears streamed down my face as I lie in solitude. Only a slight breeze brushed my skin. I felt small and helpless with the abyss of water below and the vastness of the heavens above. Perhaps if I allowed my body to melt down into my board, I could be swallowed up by the calm darkness below me. Or perhaps if I allowed myself to feel light enough, I could levitate into the sky. What seemed like eternity as I lie there contemplating the in’s and out’s of life and an escape from it, my board allowed me to do neither. It held me there. And, then a voice inside my head, broke my silence and said, “Get up, Leah. Paddle on. Keep Paddling. Just keep paddling.” I was startled and quite honestly, a little irritated to be summoned out of my pity party. It reminded me of exactly what my mother would say in perilous times as a teenager–“Alright Leah, that’s enough. Get over it. It’s time to move on.” (my mom has always been a really strong lady–we were allowed to have our time of grief when issues arose, but then always prompted to fix it, if possible, or forget it and move on!)

Get up, Leah. So, I got up, pulled my anchor, and grabbed my paddle. I stood with a sense of clarity drawing a greater parallel to life and paddling with every stroke. Paddle on. My board represents my foundation of faith, family and true friends. It holds me up. Keep paddling. It allows me to float right above the surface of the abyss below. In times of rough waters, I may get thrown off but I am tethered to it, and I I can always climb back on. And, my paddle? Well, that’s the most powerful weapon in my arsenal. I have a choice how I use it. Do I paddle in circles? Paddle backwards? Or use it to forge ahead to see what’s around the bend? Do I dig in harder when the wind picks up or allow myself to be blown back? Just keep paddling.

When I heard of the Chattajack, I had not one hesitation–For some reason from it’s mention I was drawn to it. Sure, I’ve never come close to doing anything of it’s magnitude, but I had a deep need to do something so much bigger than myself–a need–I HAD to do it. I needed a goal so outside of my realm of comfort, that if I achieved it, maybe I could feel good. For once, I wouldn’t feel beaten up after giving something all I had–perhaps it could somehow heal my broken pieces if I set a huge goal for myself and completed it. I also had a deep desire to pay homage to a sport that has brought me joy, passion, and clarity in how to get through in life. For whatever reason, in my mind, the Chattajack was the answer.

Remember, I’m not a racer. I had nothing but an adjustable paddle for my family to share and a traditional board. I’m also not an endurance athlete. So, the process of getting equipment, learning how to train, and learning nutrition during an epic event began. Surprisingly, there was something very therapeutic about the process. I convinced a friend to endure the race with me–she had actually attended the year before as a spectator and had more knowledge of the event itself. However, several times we both wondered–are we nuts??

Eventually, I was introduced to a group of paddlers preparing for the race–paddlers of every level–and the support and encouragement was truly immense. It’s amazing the friendships and connections that can be forged just by sharing in an event together. Fears and concerns were addressed and eased with each post. I was never alone in my pursuit–I wasn’t the only newbie and I wasn’t the only one scared! My new band of friends supported each other and it gave me a new, fresh appreciation of the paddling community. However, as strong as we supported each other through the whole process (and still do!), strip away everything and when it all comes down to race day, each of us, was to grind it out on our own for 31 miles.

Fast forward and I am at the start. Well, at the back of the start. LOL I didn’t care to get into the chop of the other paddlers as they surged forward upon “GO”. That’s not why I’m here. I’m here just to finish…I said it a thousand times. I’m here for a gut check. I’m here to prove that life can serve up what might seem insurmountable, but I would make it to the finish line. I told my friend, don’t wait on me. Paddle on! GO!

My resolve never, ever waned within those hours of paddling. I was going to make it. I had to make it–if I didn’t, I failed to prove my point I was trying to make to myself all along. I would survive–but not only that, I would emerge stronger and better in the end.

My phone dinged constantly with well wishes throughout the day as I paddled (sorry I didn’t answer…I was just a little busy!). Upon each check point, I couldn’t see him but I’d hear far off in the distance “CooCoo CaChoo” and I knew my husband was there cheering me on to move forward. On long stretches of solitude on the course, a familiar song would play that would remind me of special people in my life–I surged on. I had great conversations with my new fellow paddlers and exchanges of words of encouragement along the journey.

When the boat wake was terrible daring me to fall in and the winds seemed to do nothing but want to push me back, I dug in harder–I refused to adjust my course. I would plow right through. When the weeds popped up, I charted my path and cruised. Nothing was stopping me from getting to the end.

Oh, and the views. The sweeping vistas, rock walls, the beautiful trees. A reminder of all the goodness in this world. A reminder of my blessings. Life ain’t bad. And, the good most definitely outweighs the crappy stuff.

I paddled the Chattajack for the people in my life who lift me up. I paddled for my true friends that would ask “How are you?” and knew when I said, “I’m fine”, that I really wasn’t, and they would offer me a hug or words of encouragement. I paddled for my husband, who is unequivocally my soul mate and my partner through thick and thin. For my children, who I constantly wish I could give them everything they deserve in this life and hope that my love for them is enough. I paddled for those that I teach, that have no clue the love and support they radiate just by being there and letting me do my thing. I paddled for those that I love, that have been handed circumstances they don’t deserve. I paddled because that’s all you really can do in this life…your board will keep you afloat….you just have to keep propelling forward.

I left my disappoints and heartache in that gorge last Saturday. I paddled past them. I rounded the bend as the dilapidated Hales Bar Dam appeared in the distance, and it’s the only time I got choked up–but that elated-with-sheer-joy kinda choked up. I had made it to end–I made it. And in finishing, I found a whole new sense of appreciation for where I’ve been and where I am going and who I am getting there.

The Chattajack for me was a gift of resolve–a gift of strength–a gift that revealed my true grit. To those that helped me prepare beforehand, those that organized the event, those that sat in aid boats, and those that cheered for me at the finish line and from home, I have nothing but gratitude in my heart for making this experience what it was for me. There truly are no words. I have vowed to continually return to the Chattajack because of it’s sheer magnificence. For a repeated gut check. For a chance to prove that yes, indeed, I will paddle through whatever is thrown at me. For a chance to visit with the people that made it beautiful!

So, are you a racer now? Nope, I’m not a racer (although now I do own all the gear so maybe I’ll do some? Right now Im thinking long mileage races…I don’t sprint!).

I AM A PADDLER. I wake up every morning and I just keep paddling….



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SUP Yoga – The perfect balance

Posted on: 07-14-2015


SUP and yoga have a lot in common. SUP outwardly resembles a sport, and it is for plenty of riders. Advocates for both however, will tell you yoga and SUP are part of a greater lifestyle, and that learning either is a very adaptive and personal experience. They’re both low-impact; they both have the ability to make you feel like an Olympian no matter your level of experience, and combined they’re just a lot of fun.

It’s no coincidence then, that the growing popularity of both over the last decade has sparked a lifestyle crossover, and now, a full-blown lovechild – SUP Yoga, which takes the best of SUP and meets yoga on the water for a mind/body experience unlike any you’ve ever tried.

SUP Yoga

Chances are you’ve tried one or the other – you may even consider yourself a bit of a hotshot at one, but make no mistake here; this will challenge your confidence. It’s not that it’s hard; the worst that could happen is that you’ll fall into the water, which, chances are if you’re doing SUP yoga, you’re okay with that – but it’s far from easy. The aerobic aspect of yoga doesn’t change atop a SUP, but you have to step up your balance game.

If the challenge isn’t why you’re interested in this post, then think about this: SUP is a lot like walking on water, which has a biblically empowering effect, and the point of yoga is to achieve balance – mostly psychological, by unifying your body and mind into a rhythm of breathing. Seeing the water below you, the sky above, and the distant horizon is a profoundly calming setting for a practice that seems ill suited for the indoors. 

For any SUP riders looking to put their skills to the test, you’re in for a treat. And if you’re sick of slipping around in a yoga room next to that creepy sweaty guy who takes the whole thing a little too seriously, your yoga needs a SUP injection. Best part – no panpipe relaxation music, just the water lapping at the edge of your paddle board.

You Only Live Once – Go get it!

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Fitness Boards

Meet the YOLO Board Family

Posted on: 05-19-2015


Meet the YOLO Board Family


YOLO Board is more than just a stand up paddle board company; it is a way of life. Each and every board we lovingly produce is designed to take you to all the places on the water that you dream of and beyond. Once you experience YOLO Board and the “You Only Live Once” lifestyle, we hope you will be inspired to conquer all of your dreams. Besides, you only live once…

YOLO Board is dedicated to creating awareness and increasing enjoyment of the fastest growing watersport and to uniting the ever-growing community of paddlers around the world.


Blog Family Post


Posted on: 09-25-2013

Michael takes his SUPpup on Lake Lanier in Georgia.  YOLO!

Sunrise YOLO

Posted on: 09-12-2013

The YOLO Predator is not just for racing.  Thanks for the great shot Gena!  YOLO!