A thrill seeker and all-around athlete, Darian is always looking for ways to explore and express her passion for life whether it is finding a new surf break or conquering a remote mountain top. Growing up in New Jersey with three brothers and one sister, Darian learned at an early age that if she wanted to participate, she had to play hard, their way, or else be left standing on the sidelines. Not one to back down, Darian plunged headfirst into the world of competition, ultimately becoming a World Champion skier and pioneer in woman’s freeskiing-extreme skiing.

Having surfed since childhood, Darian was introduced to SUP in 2008 and hasn’t looked back, incorporating the sport into her daily life. She explains, There is no better feeling then being out on the water listening to my music, exploring the elements. I love gliding on top of the water, and looking at the sea life below. The beauty with SUP is that it’s for everyone and does not discriminate. It also is the best way to get in shape, and you don’t even realize you’re working out.

Darian is looking forward to maximizing her potential as a YOLO Board Team Rider and adding to her elite racing accomplishments, which most recently include a first place finish in the 2011 Florida State Championships (14′ Division) and second place in the 2011 O’Neill Sea Paddle NYC. In addition to paddling, she is a television host and sports reporter, and President of Typhoon Boat Works.

Who are your sponsors?
YOLO Board, Clif Bar, A Shore Thing clothing, H20 Audio, Quick Blade Paddles

What song would best characterize your motto?
Stevie Wonders hit song: Master Blaster. One of the favorite lyrics in song: “Moving into the positive, the destination is the brightest star”

How would you describe your style?
An insane cross between the Road Runner and Tasmanian Devil.

Who or what inspires you?
Whether in the starting gate or at the finish line, it’s my zest for life that drives me to compete and reach my goals. My father has always been my greatest influence and role model.

What do you value most in life?
Besides my family, LIFE ITSELF! Cherish everyday as it was your last.

What would you consider your greatest achievement?
My come back from a life threatening injury. You don’t just get a nickname, “Digger”… you have to earn it. Maybe it’s the 50 bones I have broken, or maybe it was my astounding comeback after a horrific ski accident where I broke my neck in 6 places, lost a vertebral artery and my arm was paralyzed for three months. With the will to live, a very positive attitude, a solid support group of family and friends, I overcame the unthinkable and was back on my board shortly after my halo was removed-never looking back…