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Catching a wave on a Surfing SUP Board is as natural as riding a wave on a traditional surfboard but surfing SUPs offer riders a more stable ride, as well as the ability to drop into the wave with your SUP Paddle in hand! With a few updates to the shape and length, the Recreational SUP has been transformed and become the perfect stand up paddle surfboard. No matter if you want to catch the little 3 footers, or an East Coast 6 footer, these surfing SUPs are right for you! Contact a YOLO Board Specialist to get your questions answered about sizing, types, designs,and specs!

Earn Your Stripes 10'2" Package
Save up to $650!
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2014 YOLO Surf Model 10'2" Earn Your Stripes
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2014 YOLO Surf Model 102 Verde
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2013 EarnYourStripes.jpg
2013 YOLO Surf Model 7'2" - Earn Your Stripes
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