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by YOLO Board Team Member Kacie Wallace, Athlete Ombudsman for the US Olympic Committee I have relocated for the summer to the Team USA house in the Athlete Village... Read more

Final YOLO Relay Event

The 2015 YOLO Board Relay Series presented by Garden Of Life is all wrapped up. A big THANK YOU to all of our paddlers, spectators and sponsors for your continued support.... Read more

SUP Yoga – The perfect balance

SUP and yoga have a lot in common. SUP outwardly resembles a sport, and it is for plenty of riders. Advocates for both however, will tell you yoga and... Read more

4 reasons you should start paddle boarding because, well… science

If you read our previous blog post, we gave you a few reasons why to bring a SUP on your next adventure – you can check it out here.... Read more

SUP Paddles – Explained

Very often the purchase of your first SUP Paddle is an after thought. You’re about to spend a lot of money on a beautiful stand up paddleboard, now when it... Read more

How To Install A SUP Fin?

  How To Install A SUP Fin?   The only tool you will need for the job is a screwdriver. To properly install your SUP fin, remove the screw that... Read more

Shake Up Your SUP Workout

  Shake Up Your SUP Workout!   If you’re not new to stand up paddle boarding or as we like to call it “YOLO Boarding,” then you know the sport... Read more

6 tips on how to paddle straight

HOW TO PADDLEBOARD STRAIGHT Sometimes just paddling straight seems like such a chore! Although wind and water conditions can play a part in how straight you go, there are... Read more

Next Level Beach Cruisers From YOLO

    Next Level Beach Cruisers From YOLO   Yolo Bike Company was founded on simplicity, innovation and function. We didn’t enter the crowded bike market to offer just... Read more

SUP Pilates – A Beginner Workout For Paddleboarders

  SUP Pilates – A Beginner Workout For Paddleboarders   I was first introduced to stand up paddleboarding years ago when I was approached to teach Pilates on the... Read more